A Few Top TrackItLog™ Features

No matter what goes out, we have the perfect system to manage its return.


Online Software – There’s nothing to download or install and there’s no equipment to buy; all updates are completed automatically.

Just an Internet Connection – Use your existing desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Peripheral devices like barcode, scanners, and number pads are compatible, (just not required!)

Decades of Experience – Here at Logware, we understand your need for organization and a simple, low-cost way to accomplish it.

Top-Notch Customer Service – Reach a real person, 24/7. Try it out—call us now at 1-855-315-4455!


Schedule Reservations – Schedule reservations for items, equipment, or available spaces for use in the future. Schedule multiple reservations for any asset without worrying about double booking.

Organize Your Equipment / Inventory – With unlimited Assets at unlimited Facilities, TrackItLog™ makes it simple to describe, search, and filter your inventory. Plus, you can transfer and share information with PackageLog® to avoid redundancies and wasted time.

View Detailed Histories – Maintain past records of items, chain of custody and even know which people borrowed what/when. Every edit, note, and time-of-day, check-in or check-out is recorded, and always available.

Add, Track, and Store Lendees – Quickly create new profiles on-the-fly, or select from someone already in the system -TrackItLog™ remembers their information, complete with their name, company, contact info, and/or notes.


SMS & Email Notifications – Includes automatic, customizable SMS (text message) & email notifications for upcoming deadlines (per item); and if they aren’t needed, you can turn them off too. LetTrackItLog™ system do the work for you!

Daily Digest Emails – Account owners receive daily digest emails comprising a rundown of what is overdue and/or what was returned late the previous day.

Plenty of Preferences – With individualized notification preferences, you can choose timing and copy for each Lendee (borrower) via timed reminders (by SMS or email, or both).



Manage Staff Users – Create an account for each of your staff, provide each-one with permission-based access and know everything, even when they last logged-in.

A Speedy, Secure, and Shared Database – With super-fast load times and secure storage, you can rest assured your database and tailored settings are easily accessible to authorized accounts. Add unlimited Facilities, view User activity, and share account information with PackageLog® for easy setup and edits.

Unlimited Facilities & Users – There is no limit on the number of Facilities (locations) and Users that you can add to our system; they’re included free!