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How long does it take to setup my TrackItLog™ account?

Setting up your account is easy. Simply input your information into the TrackItLog™ form and you will receive an email when your account is ready within 24 hrs. Adding assets and inventory couldn’t be easier with three options for data entry. No time to add everything at once? No problem! Add assets on the fly as you use the software. Want to add multiple items at the same time? We’ve got you covered with our Add Multiple Assets feature. If you already have an inventory or asset list in an Excel CSV file, just import your entire list of 10 or 10,000 assets and/or items and have it all in the TrackItLog™ system in seconds.
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How many items can I track?

Since TrackItLog™ is online software, you are only limited by your subscription level. Adjust your subscription based on your needs. If you need to add more items than your subscription allows, simply upgrade to the next tier.

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Does TrackitLog™ use a barcode scanner?

TrackItLog™ has been designed to incorporate barcode scanning technology, but it is not required for the software to operate. If you would like to use a barcode scanner, purchase one that works best for your needs and use it with TrackItLog™ to help you keep track of your assets and inventory.

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Does TrackItLog™ alert me when something is overdue?

Not only does TrackItLog™ give you a digest of all over due items everyday, but it also alerts the Lendee that the item is due and when it is due at a time that you designate. For example, if an asset is due at 3pm, you can easily set an alert for the Lendee 30 minutes in advance of that time.

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Is TrackItLog™ online inventory and equipment tracking software?

Yes. TrackItLog™ is specifically designed to track your inventory and/or equipment by keeping a running history of each item, who has checked it out, its condition throughout its life, and any relevant notes.

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Who is TrackitLog™ for?

TrackItLog™ is for any business that needs to keep track of any items in their inventory as well as keep track of who is in possession of those items, their respective due dates, and any other important data relevant to those things. For example, warranty and maintenance information for appliances, condition notes for equipment given to staff, or even transactional notes for the Employee of the Month parking space.

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What does TrackItLog™ do and how?

TrackItLog™ is powered by the unique algorithm that was used to power PackageLog®, an innovation in package tracking software. This algorithm allows TrackItLog™ to track any asset input into the system and its relationship with any person input into the system. This makes for a very powerful tool when combined with things like notes, condition, history, and notifications.

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Do I have to use one of the other software services to use TrackItLog™?

TrackItLog™ was designed to function both independently and in tandem with all USPSIonline software products. This means you can use TrackItLog™ as a stand-alone software or if you need any other software product, they will speak with each other to optimize the technologies used to manage your data.

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Can you give me some examples of how I can use TrackitLog™?

TrackItLog™ can be used in a multitude of ways, which is part of its innovation. Here are 4 very different circumstances where TrackItLog™ can easily be implemented:

  • A maintenance manager can keep track of appliances on property, their condition for each turnover, warranty information and maintenance history, etc.
  • A property manager is able to keep track of keys assigned out to residents, staff, or vendors and notify them, as needed, of their due date.
  • A tech company would be able to assign equipment like laptops, tablets, or any other equipment to staff to keep track of who has what for equipment upgrades and staff transitions.
    A recreation center now has the ability to loan out games, books, toys, equipment, available rooms, etc. to anyone and assign a due date for return. TrackItLog™
  • will notify that “Lendee” that the item is due back and to please return it immediately.

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What kind of info does TrackitLog record or keep track of for me?

TrackItLog™keeps track of every transaction that occurs with every asset, including the date, time, Lendee, condition, and any condition and/or transaction notes related to the asset.

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Is TrackItLog™ expensive?

TrackItLog™ was designed to be easy on any budget, so we’ve kept it simple. Check out our pricing page to see for yourself.

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Do I need to buy equipment from you to use TrackItLog™?

The great thing about USPSIonline software is that it was all designed to be compatible with equipment like a barcode scanner, for example. However, the system does not require anything other than an internet connection to function. Since its responsive, it also works on any device from a desktop computer to a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Its phenomenal cosmic power at your fingertips.

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Do you sell equipment?

No. Since TrackItLog™ and PackageLog® do not require additional equipment to function, we do not sell any equipment for it. The idea is to streamline the office, not add more things to have to worry about.
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Who designed TrackItLog™?

TrackItLog™ was created by USPSIonline, a US Postal Solutions Company and developed and designed by an Award Winning Development Company located in the US.
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How do you secure our data?

Logware has safeguards for protecting recipient information from cyber-security breaches. Logware complies with all applicable data security laws and its access, use, storage, or disclosure of information. Logware applications secures all of its data with Rackspace, one the largest and most secure cloud server hosts in the industry. We have ensured that Logware servers completes nightly back-ups, redundant data dumps, and monthly backups to Rackspace backup servers, as well as continued penetration testing. Logware applications are also designed to not allow code injection, which is one of the most common form of security breaches for cloud applications.

Does your company have experience with software?

USPSIonline introduced PackageLog® in 2012, an innovation in package tracking software and has since continued to update this leading edge technology with more robust features – many of which came from client suggestions. TrackItLog™ was developed over the last year to address challenges with inventory/asset tracking our clients were experiencing. Using our knowledge and expertise for logistics, we partnered with Purple Rock Scissors to design and build sophisticated, yet elegant software that was functional, pragmatic, and most importantly easy to use.

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Do you have any other software services?

PackageLog® – online inbound package logging software; with alerts by SMS & email

TrackItLog™ – asset / inventory tracking software; with alerts by SMS & email

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Do I download it on to my computer?

No. All of the USPSIonline software was developed on the cloud, which just means that its all online. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you have full access to these powerful tools.

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Does it only work on desktop?

What’s more impressive is that USPSIonline software was designed to work on any device, making them completely portable and easy to use on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

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When you say Daily Digest, what do you mean?

Daily Digest is a notification that alerts you of any outstanding assets, who has them and when they are due back.

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When you say “sends alerts” what do you mean?

USPSIonline was developed to make your life easier. One way that we do this is by sending Recipients and Lendees email and text-message (SMS) alerts, so that you don’t have to. For example, if you lend someone a hand-truck using TrackItLog™, the system will automatically remind that Lendee that the hand-truck is due back at whatever time you designate by sending them an email or text-message (SMS) alert.

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