Meet Our Package Tracking Software Clients

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“We are loving the addition of PackageLog to our office – 2 days of use and our package room is already almost cleared out!”

KW (University House Retreat Raleigh)

“The packages take a fraction of the time now which leaves us more time to dedicate to more important tasks.”

SH - Senior Property Manager

“This system is the best. Saves me a lot of time. Thanks again.”

CR - Rental Manager (Conventional Multifamily)

“Oh that’s awesome. You guys are great company and easy to work with. Thanks for all you do.”

JM- Senior Community Manager (Student Housing)

“A great company, great people and a great product!”

MK - Property Manager

“…e-mail notifications going out with each package received has decreased the number of days that the packages sit in our office…”

SM - Community Manager

“I am loving PackageLog!”

KM - Senior Community Manager

“Dear [Community Manager], The new package notification system rolled out this week is a wonderful addition to the resident experience. In the two days it has gone live, I have already received notifications on two packages. This system, dependent upon the efforts of your staff, adds a layer of security and reliability to the existing methods for package retrieval. Thank you for this nice addition.”

RS – Resident (Conventional Multifamily)

“We have had an overwhelming positive response from the onsite staffs and the residents on how much they love Package log! Next property we setup, send me the spreadsheet, I can easily manipulate the data from our reports on the sheet. I had a manager’s meeting last Thursday and they all talked about how much they loved the product!”

JB – Vice President of Property Management (Conventional Multifamily)

“…[we’re] enjoying PackageLog… Furthermore, in light of her positive response, we need to consider options for additional sites, [we have] over 24,000 beds in our portfolio…”

JW – National Operations Manager (Student Housing)

“ is a remarkable product and a complete game-changer. Managing student housing, we get a TON of packages as our clients love to shop on-line. Packagelog makes it insanely easy to track and manage the volume we receive on a daily basis. It is highly intuitive and as user-friendly as any apple product. It gives you tons of power to manage any size operation, while being embarrassingly simple to use. This is the definition of “Value-add” brought to life. Absolutely brilliant.”

RM – Director of Student Housing

“This site was beyond helpful – thanks PackageLog!”

SF – Facebook Fan

“I know we’ve sung your praises since day one, but thought I would share a different prospective than what we have seen. I am onsite today, and I helped them log their packages in when the UPS had a rather large delivery. After the UPS gentleman introduced himself, he proceeded to say how thankful the UPS team is for this electronic package system. They wish that every apartment community had it, and thanked us for implementing it! He was very impressed that each of [our] communities offers this system.”

MF – Regional Director of Management (Conventional Multifamily)

“Thanks for an awesome package logging service 🙂 @LogwareHQ”

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“PackageLog has been perfect for our property! The team learned about it quickly and it’s made our lives a lot easier”

EM - Senior Assistant