Our Story

Our story began in 2000, when our parent company, The Postal Solutions Companies, was born. Specializing in mail delivery management and package logistics, Postal Solutions is the leading mail delivery management company in the nation. Logware® is the technology extension of Postal Solutions and serves to provide technological advancements for both the company and to the market at large. PackageLog® and TrackItLog™ are just the first of our line of technologies. Keep an eye out for others currently in development.

PackageLog® is a package management (package tracking) tool for inbound package deliveries developed as a result of the increase in package deliveries due primarily to the introduction of secure online shopping. This has been a major contributing factor in the uptick in package deliveries. While it was designed for managing traditional package deliveries, companies all across the globe have implemented PackageLog® to manage other types of inbound “parcels” from shipping containers to important documents. PackageLog® is by far, one the easiest yet most sophisticated package management tools on the market.

TrackItLog™ is a reservation scheduling tool for your items, assets, spaces, or technology, which was originally developed as an extension of the PackageLog® suite. However, its popularity amongst IT firms, school districts, and construction companies has inevitably evolved this tool into its own light. Add that to its notably easy-to-use interface, which has made it the goto application for less tech-savvy clients, places TrackItLog as the smartest choice for managing your stuff since the invention of the ledger.


Logware® helps businesses take control over their offices, from package management to scheduling reservations.  We do this by providing tools like PackageLog™ and TrackItLog™ which help teams leverage technology for higher operational efficiency.

By providing these tools, Logware® has become the go-to solution for inbound package handling for several major portfolios in various industries. Our tools are guaranteed to streamline your office and increase the speed of business.

Logware® is a fully licensed, bonded and insured serving the U.S. and abroad. Logware’s data is stored securely, in the same environment as 60% of the top 100 U.S. companies because our 99.9% up time is important to us. PackageLog® and TrackItLog™ were both designed to improve efficiency and to save you money!

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