Cyber Monday 2017 – Let the Package Delivery Season Begin

by: Shad Bookout

The Thanksgiving season is over. And, as the turkey leftovers are sitting in the refrigerator awaiting consumption, a newer American tradition is taking place. Friday morning, larger shoppers invaded brick-and-mortar location across the US in the epic quest for great holiday shopping deals. And this is just the start of what could become the biggest shopping (and package delivery) season on record.

Shoppers standing in front of stores waiting for them to open Friday morning showed no signs of belief in the so-called “retail apocalypse”. And, even though this could very well be the first year that online sales significantly outpace in-store shopping, people are already bringing sweet deals back from their Black Friday voyages. But the best deals — and the most shopping — are no longer isolated to the day after Thanksgiving.

The days leading up to the traditional turkey festivities saw many online retailers trying to get a leg up on the competitors by offering better deals earlier than ever before. Some of these items are already arriving at houses, apartments, and businesses across the US. This is the calm before the storm.

Cyber Monday is predicated to be the largest single shopping event in US history. According to Retail me Not, over half of US consumers will be purchasing something on Cyber Monday. In 2016, consumers spent $3.45 billion online on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe Digital Insights. This year looks to significantly dwarf all years prior. This means that more packages will be delivered than ever before.

Top top it off, there was an 80% jump in package delivery volumes the week after Cyber Monday 2016, according to Luxer One.  Seeing that kind of an increase again this year makes for a shocking amount of cardboard boxes set to hit the road and destined for your front door or package center.

Here is some perspective. If the half of Americans (161.5 million) buy an average of four packages on Cyber Monday, an estimated 646 million packages will be flooding the streets before December even arrives. Something tells us that you better be ready to figure out where you are going to put it all.