How Do You Embrace Tomorrow’s Technology in Your Work Culture Today?

by: Shad Bookout

Most of us individually become excited about the next technology that will soon be hitting the marketplace. We clamor for the new iPhone and sit online during Cyber Monday, waiting for the newest Alexa to go on sale. We talk around the table about when self-driving cars will actually be a real thing, and spend our evenings bathed in the blue glow of our smart devices as we delve into the latest social media offerings. Young and old alike seek to embrace the newest and greatest offerings out there.

But most businesses are different. Businesses are slow to change and embrace the future that we seek as individuals. Even technologically-progressive brands struggle as the in-house technology they have become comfortable with has the potential to be replaced with something new. This is not the fault of the brand. By their very nature, brands find it difficult to be adaptable and very few succeed in growing over time to meet the increased demands of staff, customers, and society.

So, what do we do then as team members? How do we grow and embrace technological change, even when our brands do not succeed in growing themselves? How can brands determine where to take the next step and how to value to future musing of those within? It all starts with perspective.

The whole point of technology is to improve the world around us. When the technology that surrounds us fails to continue supporting that growth – whether through non-fulfillment or stagnation – then new solutions must be sought. That begins with first acknowledging there is a problem in the first place. The second is ending the cycle of putting a band-aid on the wound. Once it fails, it will continue to fail and a band-aid only disguises the inevitable. Don’t blame the technology that got you here. Simply find the new solution that is better suited for this evolved situation.

As team members on the front lines, we can only hope and shine a guiding light towards the places we (and our customers) want to go. As leaders, we must embrace the future-seekers and enthusiastically listen to the possibilities of growth through change. Even when the new technology takes us out of our comfort zones, we must not let fear dictate our responses.

“audentes Fortuna iuvat” (literally: “fortune favors the bold”)