How New School Marketing is Being Powered by Old School Methods

by: Shad Bookout

With the launch announcement of the new line of iPhones and Apple products, many consumers are lining up to get their hands on the latest technology. This will happen again when Amazon and Google release the next generation of AI personal assistants. It seems that,  whatever new tech comes about, marketers and consumers are quick to latch onto it and leverage it to their advantage. But, no matter how new the tech, the branding approaches that integrate it are reliant on old-school marketing tactics and practices. In essence, new school marketing is being powered by old school methods.

It all starts with accessibility. Nothing frustrates customers more than a lack of connectivity to a brand they need a response from. Customer service cannot begin if the customer cannot get to you. Lost in an endless queue of automated phone prompts and emails to info@ often lead to more frustration than the initial problem. For your brand’s success in today’s marketplace, it is imperative that your customer have near-instant access to the answers they seek. The top trending tech today powering that customer experience is chatbots. They are there when it is inefficient for a human to do the work. Even though it is a robot doing the work, the customer is left with the sense they have gotten the attention they crave and deserve.

But accessibility is only a starting point. Without execution of promises and goals, the time you have spent acquiring a connection to the customer is wasted. The old marketing mantra of under-promise and over-deliver holds true even in today’s on-demand economy. A whole host of technologies are devoted to helping speed up the process of conflict resolutions, but nothing trumps a customer’s desire for individualized attention. They want to feel that their need is most important and that you are working diligently to meet that need. A new generation of AI-adapted technologies is helping mine live time data on individual customers, allowing brand representative more information than ever before to help create a personalized customer experience while fulfilling the needs of the individual.

And, while you are addressing those individualized needs, it is imperative that you take every opportunity to eliminate distractions. We have become so reliant on our devices that we often forget to take time for the human touch. Eye contact, a handshake, and politeness are not something of marketing past. In fact, they are even more essential in dealing with the growing demands of today’s customer. When you are interacting with customers, don’t let your technology get in the way of your connection. Don’t treat them the way you want to be treated; Treat them the way they want to be treated.

Look around you at all the technology that really is available at your fingertips. Ask yourself if you are using it to make your world — and the world of your customer — a better place. Or, are you letting your technology control you? Sometimes, the old ways are still the best ways. But that doesn’t mean that the same philosophy can’t be executed by the latest smart technology.

How are you leveraging today’s technology to create an old-fashioned customer experience? Let us know in the comments.