Two Ways Tech Can Help or Hurt Your Productivity

by: Shad Bookout

Time waits for no man. It is the one constant in the universe that cannot be stopped. Every day, the vast majority of us seek to discover more of it and how to use the precious little bit of it we have more effectively. But then we get sucked into the void. A mountain of “other things” continue to attack our allotment of time. We try to fight it to no avail. As soon as one distraction is defeated, another takes its place. In the end, we just journey on not really knowing if the next moment is something planned or something unintended.

This is especially challenging within our business environments. It only takes a moment for the entirety of our productivity to go right out the window. But there are things you can do to save time, get time back, and defeat the void  of distractions that are sucking away your time.

Stop Being A Pavlovian Dog

The world of beeps, dings, chirps, chimes, and other notifications from our army of digital devices is one of the biggest evils attacking our time. To have more time you first must stop being so reactionary. Silence the alerts (this includes the vibration alert feature on the cell phone) and schedule 5 minutes per hour to check email, texts, and social alerts. If something requires your attention, take care of it immediately and then get back to business. For everything else, it will surely still be there you are done.

And once your day is done and you are on your own time, STOP WORKING. If you eliminate the distraction in your work life you absolutely need to do the same in for your own precious time.

Get in Tune With The Right Tech

The same tech that can hurt you can aid you. An endless array of productivity tools are available to help you take control of your time and eliminate the distraction void. Find the tech that works best for your time and personality and let that tech work for you (rather than against you). You can surround yourself by endless tech but only the tech you regularly engage with will work on your behalf.

As an example, nothing is worse than working diligently at the front desk when all of a sudden the package delivery driver shows up with a mountain of parcels to drop off. In that moment your productivity comes crashing down as you stare at the new monstrous  task that just walked through the front door. This is just one example of the large scale challenges that can ruin an otherwise productive day. Tech tools can help either manage or eliminate this and other giant time sucks. Now you just have to find the right one for you.

So what tech are you using and does it make your day better or worse when it comes to your productivity? Let us know in the comments.