Get Ready, the Packages are Coming

by: Shad Bookout

For weeks now, your package receiving area has languished as the volume of arriving packages has seemed to stabilize. Even though your are still burdened by the sheer volume that piles up on a daily basis, you have finally found a pardon from the onslaught brought on by the various holidays of the last six months.

Thanksgiving through Christmas and into the New Year saw a record number of deliveries. Over 60% of people in the U.S. have an Amazon Prime account, and that led to nearly 68 million packages delivered over the six-week span. Valentines Day soon followed with more deliveries, and then there was an onslaught from Mother Day. It seems like, every time you get it figured out, you are suddenly overwhelmed once again by staggering volumes of arriving packages.

But now, the mother of all shopping holidays has arrived. On July 11th, the floodgates will open as Amazon kicks of the 2017 Prime Day shopping event. Last year, online shoppers waited with bated breath as more than 100,000 items went on sale. This year’s 30-hour extravaganza promises even more items and deeper discounts.

But one of the things most intriguing about this year’s shopping spectacle is the outlook on a specific cross section of the items on sale. Amazon Alexa, the personal AI assistant, is once again sure to capture the interests of thousands of shoppers. Households that currently have Alexa, will be able to shop using the voice commands built into Alexa’s operating system. In addition, discounts will be surrounding many of the items that have Amazon Buttons integrated into their shopping experience.

In essence, some of the most popular items on sale are items that help you buy items that are on sale. People are shopping for items to help them do more shopping, creating more deliveries to arrive, more boxes to receive, and more work for your to take on ensuring the deliveries get to the right people.

Maybe it is time for you to seek out an automated package locker system or a digital package management tool. You owe it to yourself and your customers to take control of the flood of arriving packages. You own is to yourself and your customers to call LogWare®  today.