How Do Old School and New Tech Help Get Packages to You?

by: Shad Bookout

Most of us are borderline obsessed with new technology. We are captivated to seek out the newest, greatest things that can help optimize our lives or just give us that momentary distraction we can tell our friends about. Others, while in the minority, feel that the old ways are still the best. They see the new world around them as removing the humanity of experiences that we all share in favor of life behind a screen. The two ideologies seem at odds and in a constant war between the ways of the old and the new.

But the truth is that both are correct, and one cannot live without the other. Even in today’s technological age, some of the old ways still impact us on a daily basis. The new technology that dominates our lives and the standards that have always been here have a symbiotic relationship. One cannot live without the other. This is especially true when it comes to ordering, shipping, and receiving the things that you desire.

Not so many years ago, people would wait to receive a magazine or order the newest piece of technology and wait a few weeks for the order to arrive to a receiving location or their home.  Today, you can simply say out loud from inside your home, “Alexa, order the latest issue of Popular Mechanics.” In just a couple of days (in some cases, hours), the magazine is in your hands.

At one time, the system was: 1. magazine, 2. order, 3. tech use. But now it is: 1. Tech use, 2. order, 3. magazine. Old school technology once delivered us the newest, greatest gadgets. Now the gadgets bring us our old school items.

You can even look to deliveries themselves to see this relationship at work. Today, packages are  delivered into the latest automatic locker systems to await retrieval from the people they were intended. What is put into those lockers? A simple cardboard box. All the advances to bring technology to your hands; and still, the vessel in which it arrives is the same as it aways has been. We can create the most technologically-advanced processes imaginable, but we are still reliant on the world of the past to ensure our success. It takes old school and new tech to get your packages to you.

How else do you combine old school and new school into your life? Let us know in the comments.