How You Can Get Ahead With A Little Digital Spring Cleaning

by: Shad Bookout

Now that spring is officially here, the time has come to do a little spring cleaning. The annual ritual sacrifice of the things that are getting in your way helps many people find more in both their home and business spaces. We spend hours sorting and cleaning, in order to increase our productivity and our happiness. So, if we do it with our spaces at home and at the office, why do we not take the same approach to our digital spaces as well? The time has come to get a grip on our technology. Here is how you can get ahead with a little digital spring cleaning.

No. 1 – Out with the old and in with the new:  An un-filed email that is over a year old has got to go. Get ready to clean out the inbox. And while you are at it, delete your sent email history and dump your deleted files. Empty your computer’s trashcan as well. We get so busy that we often forget to take these crucial steps to improving the performance of our most powerful digital tools.

No. 2 – Send it to the vault: The whole point of a digital archive is create a separate storage space from your workspace. Whether you are using the cloud or auxiliary devices, take a moment and pull off all the old files, photos, and videos from all of your devices that you feel are worthy of keeping, and put them away. You are spending too much time searching and not enough time doing. Move the things that are getting in your way. They will still be there when you need them.

No. 3 – Engage germ warfare: Do you know where that device has been? No, seriously. Think about all the places it has been. Think about all the surfaces you have set your phone down on. Most likely, you even have been using in it the bathroom. The same goes for all of your digital devices. At this point who knows what vile microbes they are harboring. Grab a Clorox wipe and sanitize those surfaces. EEEWWWW!

No. 4 – Safety First: Not a day goes by without some sort of story about cyber security in the news. It is easy for us to get lax in our daily lives when using the variety of social media and websites we frequent. Take the time to update passwords on the sites you regularly visit and to opt out of any login that previously existed on old places. Pick an excellent, secure password while you are at it. It takes a little time now, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

No. 5 – The New Way: The digital world around us is evolving at the fastest rate ever. Moore’s Law is nearing its apex. To keep up, you need to constantly be evolving your technology. Are you connected to the digital spaces that will bring you success: Communication apps like Slack are the talk of the town. Need packages managed? There is PackageLog. And why post to Facebook when you can SnapChat? Maybe the time has come for you to ask yourself: “Are my digital places outdated or am I keeping up with the times?”

How are you keeping your digital spaces and devices ready for action? Let us know in the comments.