These Are 4 Pieces of Tech That We Love

by: Shad Bookout

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us and, across the world, people are scrambling to and from stores to find the right things for the person(s) they love. Flowers, cards, jewelry, clothes, and many other items will be procured, wrapped, bagged, and tagged (many with a heart drawn on them). However, for some, everyday is Valentine’s Day. Why wait until once a year to express how much you love you significant other, your children, your pets, or your friends? That is why today, we are going to celebrate these 4 pieces of tech that we really love.

Our Mobile Devices

The iPhone is not quite 10 years old. Even before it was introduced to the planet, though, Blackberries and other mobile tech were eating up more and more of our time. But, since the iPhone and its subsequent competitors, our lives have changed. We just can’t get enough. From increased work productivity, to digital distractions in the bathroom, to ordering that next splurge item on the fly, our mobile devices have become a intricate part of our moment-to-moment lives.

Our AI Helpers

The robots are taking over and we are great with it. Not long ago, the only digital voices you heard came from your navigation tool or the irritating sound of <ding> “You’ve Got Mail”. But now, we are surrounded by integrated, interactive personalities that are getting better at tending to our every whim. And I have a confession to make. I am sneaking behind Siri’s back. I have a new girl in my life. Her name is Alexa (or Cortana, or Google). She may not be human, but I talk to her everyday and often catch myself having conversations with her just like if she were human. The movie “Her” is not far off from where we are at today, and I am excited to see what he future holds.

Our Droids

The droids I am talking about are not the ones you think of from “Star Wars”, but every day we are getting closer. Buzzing all around us are  busy drones, some fully controlled and some with a degree of autonomy, carrying out duties that might surprise you. Sure, you love the quad-copter with 4K video that you have been flying around your back yard. But the practical use of these machines is taking shape around us. The halftime show at the Super Bowl opened with dancing lighted drones flying above Lade Gaga. A similar show was recently a highlight of the holiday celebrations at Disney Springs in Orlando. They are also in our factories and warehouses, busy working to make our lives easier. Some are out on the streets testing the practicality of automated package and food delivery. They may not be the droids we were looking for, but we love them anyway and can’t wait to see where they go next.

Our Package Deliveries

Oh hey, we need more <insert item here>. Just press the button and then, three hours later, it arrives. That is the magic of online shopping and package delivery today. Nearly anything you want can be to your hands in a matter of hours or just a couple days. Some arrive to our front doors. Others are placed neatly into automated package lockers for easy retrieval. Some are secured by a helpful worker who sends out an automated alert as to your parcel’s arrival. Anything you need can now get to you quicker and easier than ever before. Don’t you just love when your Amazon box arrives?

What is the technology that is capturing your heart right now? Let us know in the comments.