This is The Tech That Changed 2016

Printby: Shad Bookout

2016 is in the record books. This will be seen in history as a year of great change — both socially and technologically. Most will remember events such as the Presidential Election, the proliferation of the Zika virus, and the continued rise to terrorism thought the world. But 2016 also brought with it great strides in technology and memorable moments of advancement in the digital world that ties us together. These are our picks for the top tech advancements of 2016 that will continue to impact our lives for years to come.

The Rise of The Drones

103126155-robot3-600x400Ever since The Jetsons premiered in 1962, we have all dreamed of robots doing our jobs for us. And, even though it may be a few years before your automated machines take over huge sections of the workforce, there are some places where man-controlled machines are starting to take over. Drone technology in 2016 took made huge advancements in availability and affordability. The first pizza and Amazon order was delivered, while palm-sized drones with 4K video allowed us to see the world around us like never before. Vital medicines were delivered to unreachable places, thanks to the power of drones. Despite the fear of a few, the rise of the drones is helping make the world a better and more connected place.

The Assistant You Always Wanted

amazon-echo-thumb-2While drones were busily flying around our heads, digital assistants were entering our homes. With the Super Bowl, the world was formerly introduced to the Amazon Echo and soon after came Google Home. As more and more digital assistants enter our homes, the way we go about some of life’s simplest tasks are being altered forever. Everything from turning the lights on to reminders of your grocery shopping list is now available by simple voice commands. Need the answer to a question? Just ask it out loud. Everyday life is becoming easier as in-home digital assistants learn to be our aides.

The Growth of The Internet of Things

internet-of-thingsAnd, to help empower your digital assistant, the Internet of Things is becoming more abundant than ever. Everything from home appliances to control of utilities is being inter-connected and digitally controlled. In fact, as digital technology continues to grow we will all become connected through our devices. The power to direct the world around you is part of the phone that you hold in your hand.

The Package Revolution

prime 4The drones, digital assistants and internet of things all combined in 2016 to change the face of online shopping and delivery. E-commerce giant Amazon led the way with shipping over 250,000 items per day. These arrived to more locations than ever before. And, where they arrived, innovation also followed. Package management and notification systems like PackageLog and digital package locker solutions like Luxer One helped redefine how people managed the growing volumes of arriving packages.  All of this adds to up more people having access to more things and faster than ever before.

What innovation do you believe will define the upcoming year? Let us know in the comments below.