What The Holiday Season Really Means To Your Office

by: Shad Bookout

Christmas fun at the office - Portrait of a multi ethnic business having fun and laughing

It all started on November 23 and, for some, it began even earlier than that. Now, with the holiday season in full swing, most businesses and offices have gone through some changes. Some of these have brought joy to team members and customers. Others have created a headache for management and owners. And, as we approach the precipice of the season, one thing is for certain: our offices will never quite be the same.

Productivity and Sand

office-distractions-2It is amazing the difference a few days can make when it comes to the productivity of your team. In the middle of November, everyone was busily trying to get things done ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Many were eager to head home to begin the festivities and others were looking ahead some much-deserved vacation time. The last few days before the turkey was carved, a different mood came over the office. The grains in the hourglass fell slower and slower as more and more distractions brought productivity to a near halt. And as November gave way to December, it was almost as if everyone was working in quicksand. Where did the infectious eagerness and urgency that filled the team go?

For many businesses, the holidays are all about distractions. The hours spent accomplishing tasks have been filled with decorating, visiting, food and online distractions. This is not a bad thing when it builds a greater sense of togetherness. But when it gives way to diminished success, the tension in the office can parallel the Dickens tales of Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit.

Technology to the Rescue (or not)

drones-in-the-officeOne of the catalysts in the quest for holiday success is technology that surrounds your business and your office team. Amongst all of the daily tasks that they must accomplish, your team is in a daily struggle to keep up with the digital distractions that are in nonstop pursuit of their attention. The dings, chimes, chirps and beeps of digital devices can often prevail over the ambient noise that should be office productivity. Instead of time spent working, online shopping and scanning social media take priority.

And now, as the use of drones becomes more prevalent, even more technological distractions will fill the office. Whether it is tiny, palm-sized drones buzzing around within your walls or advanced rolling and flying delivery bots bringing items through the doors, the machines are taking over. Maybe the time has come to put the technology to work for you, rather than helping take away the attention of your team.

Piles and Piles of Parcels and Packages

crazy-package-roomOne place where the technology both greatly helps and hinders your team this holiday season is packages. With the dominance of online shopping, package deliveries to your office are at an all-time high. From Cyber Monday all the way through the end of the year, is seems that a never-ending stream of parcels arrives. This stream quickly turns into a flood of distractions and it is hurting your office productivity. But, even as the water deepens, there are technological solutions to help you stay afloat in a sea of packages.

Locations that are hosting multiple companies or large volumes of staff are taking advantage of the new trends of automated parcel locker systems. Teams using these are no longer having to receive packages at, all as the system handles everything for you. New multi-family housing developments are also taking advantage of locker systems to eliminate the distractions caused by arriving packages. When there are less recipients in play, package alert systems are helping ease the burden of package room staff. These live time alerts notify and remind recipients that their package is ready to be picked up and quickly frees up the space and time that package receivers must deal with.

What distractions are your office teams dealing with this holiday season and what are your doing to eliminate them? Let us know in the comments.