This is the Truth Behind This Year’s Holiday Package Overload

crazy-package-roomBy: Shad Bookout

The day has finally arrived. The holiday shopping season is here and this year will be like none previous. With Black Friday deals starting online as early as the first of November, and in-store deals at some locations covering all of last week (and some even sooner) you are probably already feeling the effects of the arriving packages. Well hold onto your PCs because the season and package delivery are just gong to continue to get bigger through the end of the year.

Cyber Monday Bring Forth Brown Tuesday

images-2The packages are coming! And they will be arriving in record numbers.  Forbes predicts a Cyber Monday hopping increase of 9% and this will lead to a predicted 14% increase in delivery volumes according to CBS News.  This equates to 700 Million packages for UPS alone over the last 5 weeks of the year. Now add in the items shipped by FedEx, the US Postal Service, and other carriers and we could see nearly 1.5 billion packages shipped world wide in less than 40 days. How may of these brown boxes are arriving to your offices intended for co-workers, customers, or residents?

What Happens to Arriving Packages?

prime 4The delivery of the package to the address on the label is only part of the logistical challenge. The second part happens when you receive it? What happens to the package after it arrives. A single family home destination is simple enough. The delivery drives sets the package by the door and rings the bell. But what happens when 30 boxes arrive together in a office or a multi-family community setting. You can’t leave them just hanging out by the reception desk. The mail room is already full with yesterday’s deliveries. So what happens now? A variety of tools could be at your disposal to help you navigate the seemingly endless stream of parcel arrivals.

Place, Alert, or Struggle with Package Delivery

Every office has to look at package delivery a little bit different. For some, the best solution to handing the volume is to be completely hands off. This is where an automated parcel locker system comes into play. This allows the delivery driver to place the package into a secured locker and sends a code to the recipient for package retrieval. This means the office staff is 100% hands off.

For others, they wish to take a more hand-on approach. In this event a package alert system turns the average time of 6 minutes per package into less than 60 seconds. All the employee that is receiving the deliveries has to do is simply take a photo of the package label and instantly an arrival alert and an automated series of reminders is sent to the person the package is intended for.

imgres-1-1The last option is for the locations that do nothing. For them a mountain of package will soon have them buried in brown boxed and padded envelopes. Plus their day will be endlessly interrupted by the inquiry “has my package arrived yet?”. For these team, this holiday season is going to be longer than any one before. But for everyone else, the season is sure to be jolly and bright.

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