A Look Back at NMHC OpTech 2016

By: The PackageLog Team

nmhc_opt_lockup-side-yellow_rgbOne of the highlights of our year was attending the 2016 NMHC OpTech conference. Each year, this outstanding event brings together the brightest minds in the multi-family industry as they join together with the top multi-family owners and operators in the nation. The future of our industry is explored during these three days and the top innovations driving that future are discovered. From the speakers, to the networking, to the exhibit hall, this conference was truly one for the ages.

The Future is ours Together

images-1One of the key themes surrounding all aspects of the conference was the collaborative economy. Whereas economic society as a whole has been a result of transactional commerce, the digital era has ushered in a new focus. No longer is commerce driven strictly by supply and demand. Our new “sharing” economy engages the consumer as much as (or more than in some cases) than the product or service provider. Everything is on demand now and controlled by the user. Take Uber as an example. Taxis are no longer relevant, since there is a simpler, more convenient, more informed opportunity for customers. Apply this same mentality to all businesses and you start to understand how the sharing economy is taking over.

Businesses Have to be Real

7K0A0796The echo chambers that many people live in today have created a series of opportunities that allow us to be sure that we are right while being contained in an environment that strictly agrees with us. However, if we are right, is our customer wrong? In order to be a sought after, bragged about brand, you have to be real to your customer (and this might make your team a little uncomfortable). Get to know the things that make your customer tick and what it is that they really want. Then respond by taking your brand to the next level. Embrace the evolution and let your customers know that this is a result of the needs and desires they express. Your business my not go where you want it to, but it will go where the customers need it to. This is the future of the service / customer relationship.

Joining Together Starts with Giving Back

imgres-1The most rewarding part of the 2016 NMHC conference happened by our participating in Commerce Corner. Not only did we get to spend quality time with multi-family brands that we wish to partner with, we were able to give back to the community as a result of our time. Each supplier partner that signed up for these meetings had their fees be donated to a great charity: Shelters to Shutters. This wonderful organization is helping give people who are homeless as no fault of their own, an opportunity to get life back to normal. The money we raised is not a hand-out but a hand up, and will go a long way in support of individuals and families that wish to rejoin the workforce get back to a good quality of life.

These, along with the new friends we discovered, were our favorite part of the 2016 NMHC OpTech conference. What was your favorite part of this year’s event? Let us know in the comments below.