How You Can Control Time And Bend It To Your Will

by: Shad Bookout

8Time is a great enigma. It is the most troublesome of mankind’s creations. Our perceptions of the passage of time can cause great dread as we come to the realization that we have little control over it. Nothing in the universe can stop the ticking of the seconds. Countless articles have been written about how to discover more time and how to etch out little bits so that the stress of time can be less burdensome. But time cannot simply be created. Time just is. So rather than searching for frivolous avenues to create time, maybe we should be discovering how to adopt better use of the time we have. The most skilled of us can even bend time to support their needs, rather than succumbing to its unstoppable flow. Here are a few ways you can better control the passage of time in your world and even bend it to your will.

Control Your Schedule; Stop Letting is Control You

black-and-white-girl-hair-time-favim-com-222671It is when we get caught up in the ebb and flow of our daily monotony rather than striving to reach for the things we say are most important, that we loose an unbiased perspective on time. We soon forget about the needs of the future and start focusing on the imperatives of now. By failing to plan, our plans being to fail and so begins the downward spiral of time imposing its will upon us.

Make a schedule and live your schedule. Make sure to plan out flexible moments throughout so that you have the ability to deal with the things you are not able to predict. Set enough time to deal with unforeseen moments and to cherish the moments that should be memorable. Time can be domesticated and can become a beast that you are able to at least partially control.

Don’t Just Know Your Path; Walk it

8Once your schedule is mapped, then you have a clearer vision of the road ahead. But where does that road lead? Are you wandering aimlessly along the paths the world creates, or are you forging ahead towards a desired destination?

Then the real test of time’s passage emerges. Are you settling for a passive observation of the sights along your portage? Has your path become something you watch rather than something you live/ The time has come for you to control your own destiny. It is great that you know the path is there. Stop being an innocent bystander watching time go by. Now is the time for you to set out and simply put one foot in front of another.

Learn from the Past; Don’t Dwell There

Once you have begun down your path, it is hard to always look ahead. George Santayana observed: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” However, whether you are consumed with the repercussions of failure or the recompense of success, the same end result awaits those that begin to see more of the past’s shadow rather than the dawn of tomorrow.

Fine! You made a mistake. Deal with it. Learn from it and move on. Terrific! Congratulations —you achieved a successful outcome. Pat yourself on the back, receive your accolades and move on. Don’t expend precious time living in the past. Spend it on your voyage into the future.

Avoid Zenosyne; Control The Rhythm of Each Moment

timeLife is short and life is long… but not necessarily in that order. Zenosyne is the is the sense that time just keeps going faster. Each day passes by quicker than the next and the fleeting moments that make up our world quickly pass into the obscurity of memory. But this is strictly from time’s point of view.

It is up to you to set your own tone and pace. Each moment you hold dear is made special not by you observing it, but by you participating in it. It is up to you to decide if you are going to command time or become its victim. For when you start seeing the world slow down rather than allowing the spin to gain speed, it is easier to enjoy the time you have in the now instead of just watching it pass you by.

It has been said that time waits for no man. However, if you are conscious of the above items, the more poignant observation is that maybe time will just have to wait for you.