How Do You Maintain Your Brand’s Relevance?

By: Shad Bookout

go-1The world seems to be moving faster than ever before and, alongside it, so does the passage of time. In our ever-changing, fast -paced society, things do not stay popular for very long. This is often reflected in how few TV shows have sustained popularity. This new societal perspective makes it much more difficult for brands to grab a potential customer’s attention and to keep it. Look at Pokemon Go as an example. The launch of the much-anticipated app in July was heralded as a game-changer in the mobile integration market. Businesses were lined up to jump onboard the fad. But, in less than a month, it lost one-third of its daily users and it continues to hemorrhage fans.

Here are three ways you can avoid becoming like Pokemon Go and maintain your brand’s relevance:

Connect to Your Customers on Multiple Levels

go-2You need to become more than just your service or product. Customers today are more demanding and want their brands to exceed their expectations. To do this, you need to create more opportunities for them to engage with your brand. This type of added value builds lasting credibility and creates an ongoing conversation. It is more than just a social media post or a blog. It’s about creating a connection that makes you meaningful and your brand memorable.

Always Be Evolving

go-3Here today…gone tomorrow. It is rare to find a brand today with staying power. The ones that fail get too caught up in demanding people pay attention to who (or what) they are at the moment. With as fast as the world around us evolves, they quickly get lost in the saturation of competition. The ones that succeed are always looking ahead and evolving alongside the needs of their customers. Stop looking at what you are now and pay attention to what you need to become later. If you are ahead of the curve in addressing the future needs of your customer, you can ensure that you will always remain relevant.

Own Your Niche

go-4How many competitors do you have –really have? Many of them may be unknown to you. Many others may just be an illusion of competition. The best way to defeat your competitors is to own your niche. Be the best at what you do and be the expert that everyone looks to. Don’t just settle for being the sum of your product or service. Establish your brand identity as the one everyone looks to, to see what will happen next in the market. The time that you invest in becoming the ultimate resource for everyone (not just your customer at the moment) will gain you greater profits. Customers will even pay more because you are more than just “xyz”. You are what they use to help themselves succeed and an extension of their own business culture.

Tomorrow, how will you stand out in your marketplace that you didn’t today and how will you maintain the meaningful connection that your customer really wants?