What Can The Olympics Teach You About Your Business?

By: Shad Bookout

rio 1Every other year, as the Olympic anthem once again returns to our TVs, we join together as a nation to watch our champions battle in the thrill of competition. And it is not only Americans who are watching. The whole world is united under the Olympic rings. All the things that divide us are pushed aside, as we focus more on the things that unite us. That is the true meaning of the Olympics. It is not about winning medals or watching the heart-string competitor bios from the NBC broadcast team. It is about celebrating that we all have more in common than we do differences.

It is also a moment to pause and reflect on 3 lessons the Olympics can teach us about our businesses.

You Have to Think Globally

rio 3Sure, your business may only be a local one servicing a neighborhood, a town or a small region. But within that area are an abundance of different persons.   Everyone has a different story of where they come from. They all are different and unique. Your message has to be able to be absorbed by everyone. Your customer service has to translate well to everyone. Focus on the things that everyone has in common when it comes to business. They want clear terms, service with a smile and a way to see the value of what they are paying for. Don’t settle for the silver medal…shoot for the gold.

Celebrate Victories and Defeats

rio 2Everyone wants to win the gold, but not everyone can. That means having to come to terms with not being the best. When you and your team are victorious, don’t marginalize it. It is important for your team’s morale that success is something that is appropriately celebrated.  But you should also see defeat as a reason to celebrate. It is through loss that we will learn our greatest lessons. If you win every single time, you will never grow. Turn the bronze medal of today into the gold medal of the future.

The Fastest Often Wins

What do Olympic swimming, track and rowing all have in common? It is the fastest one that takes home the biggest prize. That trend holds true for businesses everywhere. It is the fastest to pick up the phone and answer a customer’s question or the fastest to reply to an online inquiry that gets noticed for caring about a customer’s time. In a world that sees over 50% of businesses proceeding with zero follow-up and an additional one-fourth reaching out more than 24 hours later, it is the first to reconnect to the customer who will most likely succeed. In our world of instant gratification, the difference between last place and the gold medal is often measured in moments.

What are your secrets in becoming a champion in your customer’s eyes?