How To Discover If Your Technology Is Friend Or Foe

By: Shad Bookout

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”Albert Einstein

jarrod 1It has been more than 50 years since Albert Einstein uttered these words. In the past half century, the Technological Revolution has consumed our global society. We have been to the moon and placed robots on mars. We have charted the human genome and are on the cusp of eradicating malaria. We carry near unlimited information and the ability to communicate to nearly anyone in our pockets. We live in an amazing world filled with cutting edge technology that is developing faster than ever before your eyes. But are you using it to better your world, or are have you become a prisoner of your own device?

ff 2You can observe this now every day, thanks to Pokemon Go. This is the new world of social media and the biggest trend today. Live, interactive and out in the world. It has brought scores together in a time when many people are moving toward isolation, due to fear.

However, some the advances within our worlds sometimes seem to divide us. In an effort to save time, money and resources, many businesses are choosing to increasingly invest in automation. By removing the “human” element, mistakes go down and efficacy is increasing. Computers do not need to take a coffee break. However, some customers are fed up with the automation. Lost in an endless chain of phone queues asking them to press a number, they begin to wonder if the brand they are choosing cares about them or just their money.

prime 4It is the brands that harmoniously boost the human condition through technology that are truly winning the day. Jeff Bezos just surpassed Warren Buffet as the third wealthiest man on the planet. Amazon has revolutionized the world and it has done this by sticking to two basic principles:

  1. Automate the things that slow you down so that you can help more customers more effectively.
  2. Allow the customer to love the experience of doing business with you.

7K0A0796Amazon has changed the world. But so have Apple, Nintendo, Netflix and many others.

In order to be benefited by technology, you have to put it to work for you. Get the most out of it. Don’t get the latest gadget because it is pretty and everyone else is doing it. Possess the things that make your life better.

If you can say, “Yes” to the following three questions, then you know that technology is helping you succeed rather than leading to your downfall.

  1. Is this technology helping me save (a) time (b) money and (c) effort? If yes, then what are you going to do with that savings?
  2. Will I actually use it? Does it fit within my lifestyle, so it can become an extension of me?
  3. Will it be long-lasting? It is important that the technology you choose will not be outdated as soon as you start benefiting from it.