Next Week is Prime Time for Package Delivery

By: Shad Bookout

prime 1After a full year of waiting, one of the biggest shopping days of the year has returned. Amazon Prime Day is once again upon us and on July 12, everyone will be hovering around their computers, smartphones, and tablets waiting for the next great deal to be unveiled. It also means that the shipping and delivery of package volumes not seen since Cyber Monday will deluge businesses and apartment communities across the U.S. Here is what you need to know in advance of the return of Prime Day:

  • prime 2During last year’s debut of Prime Day, shoppers purchased an average of nearly 400 items per second totaling close to $400 million. Analysts are predicting that these numbers could double for 2016, meaning that over 60 million items will be shipped worldwide.
  • Some deals have already begun to pop up on Amazon as “Amazon Day preview sales”. Shipping companies are bracing for what may become the busiest 48 hours in the history of package delivery.
  • 160629_EM_AmazonPrimeDayFrom the nearly 1000,000 items that will be on sale this year, some of the big sellers look to be TVs, toys and, of course, Amazon-specific items such as Amazon Echo. Amazon has promised that there will be more items available than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. The big trick for shoppers is to be looking ahead to the items you want, since quantities of certain “popular” items will surely be limited and as a result will disappear quickly.
  • It is not just July 12 – 15 that are impacted by Prime Day. In 2015, the number of people signed up for Amazon Prime grew by more than 50%. Now flash forward to today when more and more markets receive Prime Now shipping, and you could see unfathomable amounts of packages being delivered to mail rooms and receiving center across the US.

prime 4Offices with package receiving centers, apartment communities, and other delivery spots are already burdened with keeping up to today’s high volume of package deliveries. Dozens of packages are being delivered daily and the volumes are steadily increasing – approximately 20% yearly.

In order to deal with the increased volume many places are turning to package notification systems to alert recipients when their intended parcel has arrived. In cases where a more “hands-off” approach is desired by the teams receiving the deliveries, automated lockers systems are being employed. The growth of both of the solutions attests to the fact that package volumes are going to continue to rise and that there is an opportunity to leverage days like Prime Day to benefit your brand and to provide a valued level of service to both your teams and to your customers.