Technology’s Impact, Our Addiction, And The End Of The Modern World… or Not

By: Gustavo Ortiz

End of the Modern World

tech 1If all the lights went out tomorrow, where would we be? The truth is, we’d be lost. Last year, I watched a really interesting series called Revolution, where this very thing happens. Basically, all things requiring electricity stop working and, quite frankly, the thought is really scary. It threw everything and everyone back 200 years. Think about that. We’re talking no lights, no hot water and sending anything express meant adding two more horses to the stagecoach.

We live in an age where we are ruled by the technologies that we have adopted, and rightfully so. It’s made life easier for us. It’s more than just our ability to have digital assistants or look up anything we need on the Internet. It is more than just the ability to update a Facebook status or SnapChat a conversation. Technology has become an extension of each and every one of us that embraces its potential.


tech 2Communication has gone from writings within cave walls to instant animated video messages sent through the airwaves. Social media is a microcosm of human thought, and messaging has become the most pervasive method for communication our civilization has ever known. It’s instant, personal and filled with a rich landscape of fun and delicious emojis, a cornerstone of first world culture. What is ironic is that, the device we aptly call a phone, is used more as a super microcomputer than a device used for actual calls.


tech 3Society today has a very short attention span. “SQUIRREL!” Seriously, I probably lost 60% of my readers by the time they reached the second sentence in this post. We cannot consume information fast enough and, if it’s not incredibly interesting… “NEXT!” Our new drug is information, and we are addicted. Google and Wikipedia are twoi of the biggest dealers on the market and their stuff is magical.  Virtual Reality or VR is quickly becoming a household name, and changing how we interact with games and how we experience things such as roller coasters, festivals and apartment viewings from the comfort of our homes. Augmented Reality is following close behind, intersecting that line between the virtual and real worlds we are creating, making for the most immersive and interconnected experience we have ever known.


tech 4Amazon and eBay have changed how we shop. The creator of Amazon proposed this online store model for Walmart when the internet was in its infancy and they said that it wasn’t worth it, that people would never buy things online. I would hate to be the one who turned down that idea. Now, school shopping is taking a few minutes and a few clicks and waiting a day or so for the supplies to magically appear. In some cases, the items ordered are able to be delivered as quickly as same day – even within an hour.

And, it is not just our home and personal lives that are being affected; it is also the workplace. Team interaction with apps like Slack, Google Drive, and Basecamp has leveled the playing field for small business in many respects. Now, there are apps for everything from organizing your thoughts to managing package deliveries. You just have to ask, and you will find a plethora of options.

All that said, technology comes at a price – even if it’s free. It can either work for you or be a complete distraction. While it’s important to dedicate a small amount of time to make sure this technology is for you, there are three things that should always be a resounding “YES!” when selecting technology:

  1. tech 5Is it intuitive and easy to use?
  2. Does it do the thing you want it to do really well?
  3. Does the benefit out weight the cost it has to you or your business?

Use technology to your advantage. Technology is here to serve you and make all of our lives easier, so we can spend more time focusing on more important things.


Gustavo Ortiz is the Director of Software Operations for The Postal Solutions Companies. Their flagship digital product is PackageLog – a cloud-based tool to assist with inbound package management and communication. PackageLog turns minutes of dealing with an individual package into seconds and helps you save money, time and energy even while arriving package volumes continue to increase. Learn more at this link.