Cause Your Customers to React, Act and Remember

IMG_3310By: Shad Bookout

loyaltyIt has become harder and harder to capture and keep the attention of potential and current customers. The endless barrage of brand-driven advertising from multiple sources makes it difficult to stand out in the marketplace. The not-stop dings, beep and chimes of mobile devices has severely diminished the attention span of our culture. And, once you have connected to customers, it is challenging mission to keep the attention that you have worked so hard to earn. This is even truer for brands within the multi-family industry. The ones that succeed are the ones that cause their customers to react, act and remember.

Causing a Reaction is Crucial.

3Rs 2Generic is boring. Being the same as everyone else is boring. And consumers are bored with seeing the same old thing. For apartment shoppers, everything is starting to look homogenized. It is time to stand out and do something different. Offer something unique. Offer something that your competitors don’t have. And be unique about how you talk about it. Have some personality in your branding and your marketing. No one gets excited when a Toyota Corolla pulls up, but people stop and look when it is a brightly-painted, supped-up hotrod revving its engine. Be the hotrod that stands out in a sea of bland cars.

Now Create a Call to Action!

3Rs 3Now that you have your customer’s attention…what are you going to do about it? Too many times, a brand’s message becomes nothing more than “just a message”. Without a call to action, the time you spent getting their attention has been wasted.  “Click here now” and “visit us today” do not count. Inspire your customer to do something specific. Examples include “Text 1234 to _____ and let us help you stop apartment shopping and start apartment living!” and “Take a guided SnapChat tour of our community. Visit us @___”. Now, you are speaking the language of today and inspiring interaction that is unlike any of your competitors.

How Will You Be Remembered?

3Rs 4However, the biggest problem for most brands happens after they have acquired the customer. All too often, procured customers are ignored in favor of the search for new ones. But doesn’t it just make more sense to keep the ones that you have? The average cost to earn a new lease is around $3,000. But if you can just keep the ones you have engaged and happy, then don’t you actually make more money in the end? Stay engaged with your current customer s and find new reasons to reach out to them (holidays, promotions, and special events). If they continue to feel just as important as the day you first connected with them, then the odds are they will want to stay your customer for as long as possible.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

One tool that can help your multi-family team succeed in each step is PackageLog. It is more than just a tool to help apartment management teams deal with the growing influx of arriving packages. While other communities are turning away resident packages, you can set your community apart by accepting them and instantly notifying recipients of a delivery’s arrival. Residents not only pick up packages faster, but you also have the ability to mass communicate to the entire community through PackageLog’s built-in email and text notification portal. This also creates a unique and memorable amenity that you can sell against your competitors. All of this will help you connect better to residents and empower them to react, act and remember. Discover more —->