Dealing with Package Delivery: From Past to Present to Future

By: Shad Bookout

insane 4The world of packages is evolving faster than ever before. Twenty years ago, Amazon was founded out of a garage and only shipped a few packages each month. The following year, eBay was founded and people sold and shipped items to Americans across the country. Still, the impact on society was minimal. We bought most of the things that we wanted at the store. Then, on June 29, 2007, everything changed. And the waves of changes are still rolling in as a result. The first drop in the flood that is volume package delivery was the release of the very first iPhone.

7K0A0611Once Apple changed the world of mobile technology, the business world knew instantly that everything was different. Now, shoppers could order anything from anywhere and that is exactly what they chose to do. Online shopping became the most powerful economic force in the world and, almost overnight, shipping and delivery companies became overwhelmed with the volume of parcels they were now entrusted with.

 As time went on, the volume of packages grew exponentially. Amazon has become the largest package shipping company, sending out nearly 5 million parcels per day around the world. Mix this with the other brands that are heavily invested in e-commerce models, and that leads to huge volume of packages arriving to the front doors of homes, businesses and package rooms.

12days 2The amount of packages arriving daily are staggering, and have caused a variety of reactions on many fronts. Some businesses have banned personal packages from being delivered to office locations. Some apartment communities have banned accepting delivery on a resident’s behalf, or have begun to charge additional fees for this amenity. Homeowners – not feeling comfortable with the security of packages just being left on the doorstep –have sought third party delivery locations to help ensure packages’ safe arrival. And the package volume keeps growing.

The near future shows a revolution in the ways packages arrive and how they are dealt with afterwards. Many companies have set their sights on a plethora of robotic drones to bring packages to their intended recipients faster than ever before. Some brands are paying Uber and Lyft drivers to deliver packages, rather than people, to an intended destination. Once packages arrive, a whole new shift in technology is taking hold.

maxresdefaultScreen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.31.57 PMIn order to alleviate spatial concerns, locker systems like Luxer One® are being utilized. This relieves the burden on time that front offices and package rooms feel when it comes to package delivery. In addition, many brands are utilizing package management and communication systems such as PackageLog® to alert and remind the recipient that their package has arrived.

7K0A9929The packages are still coming. The volume is still growing. If you are still failing to successfully deal with the burden, then the time has come for you to try something different. Package logging software, parcel lockers, or even a secure package room may be the answer you’re looking for. If that’s the case we can help.

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