Top 10 Strange Items to Ship for April Fool’s Day

By: Christine Blank

IDD 3You can have some fun with your co-workers and friends this April Fool’s Day. You could mail some of the most unique packages imaginable – everything from an envelope of glitter to a coconut. Yes, a coconut. Even if you are not into pulling pranks yourself, you may receive some of these strange packages at your apartment community or office. Here are the 10 strangest items you may send or receive in the mail on April Fool’s Day:

  1. When Ship Your Enemies Glitter started, the company got so many orders, they had to shut down the web site temporarily. Now, Ship Your Enemies Glitter – which fills an unmarked envelope with glitter and mails it anonymously within 24 hours – is busier than ever. It’s not necessarily just for “enemies”, though. It can be a fun surprise gift for a little girl or someone else who loves glitter.
  2. coconoutA coconut. You can have your coconut designed, painted and then mailed from Molokai, Hawaii, to anywhere in the world via com. Now that is nutty!
  3. A potato. Mail friends, enemies or anyone else, a simple potato with stamps and an address via com. Imagine the look on the recipient’s face when they receive a single potato with no return address!
  4. A flip-flop. Yep, just a single flip-flop with the address written right on it and stamps attached can be mailed. This solves the universal problem of forgetting one of your shoes on vacation!
  5. photo credit -

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    A rock. You can ship a plain rock – or hand-paint a design or message on it. Then, affix a stamp and mail it.

  6. A piñata. Wouldn’t that be a great invitation to the next Cinco de Mayo party at your community or business?
  7. A prosthetic arm. The arm was actually sent through the mail with simply a mailing label, according to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. We can imagine the looks on the faces of the staff at UPS when they sorted packages for delivery.
  8. Animal skulls. Surprisingly, you can ship the bones of a former animal, whether it is a deer, moose or any other creature.
  9. An inflated beach ball. Similar to a rock, you simply attach the mailing address and correct postage to send someone a beach ball. This would be a great way to encourage your out-of-state friends and relatives to visit you near the beach.
  10. A lime. You can send a simple lime, lemon or orange via USPS or other mail services. It may remind the recipient that it is 5:00 somewhere and they can use the lime in their Corona.

concierge 3With all the unusual – maybe even crazy – items that are shipped through the U.S. mail daily, the big question is, “How will your customer or resident know when it has arrived?” That’s where PackageLog® comes in. We send custom notifications, emails and texts when their packages arrive, taking the incredibly time-consuming task of sorting and distributing packages out of your already hectic schedule. This also frees up space in your mail room. After all, who wants to see a prosthetic arm or a single potato laying around the office?


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