The Funny Thing About Being in Property Management Is…

By: Shad Bookout

rental agreementOnly a handful of people in the world have ever uttered the phrase, “I want to be in property management when I grow up”. And 99% of those people have family roots within the industry. It is a shame that such little notoriety comes with a profession that has such a meaningful impact. In the U.S., 3.8 million people choose to live the apartment lifestyle. This, in turn, supports more than 12 million jobs and contributes more than $1 trillion to the economy. Those are all big numbers. And that is just what they are…only numbers.

The real impact of working in the multi-family industry is more about heart than it is money. It is about family and not economic forecasts. It is about homes, not real estate. Every day, the maintenance techs, maintenance managers, leasing agents, assistant property managers, property managers, executives, and suppliers that make this industry what it is go to work and change people’s lives. That is the funny thing about working in the multi-family industry. No one will ever understand the true importance of what it is you do.

funny thing 1Working in the multi-family industry is more than leasing apartments or renewing residents. The news media would have people believing that renting an apartment is an evil thing born out of necessity. They talk about “how much rent is going up” and crimes that occurred at such and such place. But the reality is much different than what is reported on the news. People choose to live in apartments. They offer amenities that could not be otherwise afforded – or available, in some cases –as a homeowner. They provide housing that does not require the person living there to be in charge of repair and renovations. They benefit people who want to live a more social lifestyle and be part of a larger community. They also allow people who need to have flexibility in their living accommodations due to work or life situations. Everywhere you go, there is an apartment that is right for someone and it is our jobs to match the right person with the right apartment.

But it goes even deeper than that! It is about family. Every day, the employees and suppliers of the multi-family industry help people and families enjoy life. As the size of a family increases or shrinks, the ability to have an apartment this is appropriate is vital. New loves and new friendships can blossom due to the community nature of the apartment lifestyle. Property management teams almost become an extension of the families they support. On-site teams are able to watch kids grow over the years and can often see their community shaped from within by the people who live there.

Landmark loves thier jobThat is the magic of what we do. We help shape lives. We are there in good times to laugh and cheer with our residents. We are there when they need counsel or a listening ear. We provide homes for those who seek the world we offer.

So, the next time you tell someone that you work in the multi-family industry, say it with pride. Because the funny thing about working in property management is that, once you have don’t it for a little while, there is nothing else you could imagine yourself doing for the rest of your life.


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