Why You Should Become a Lighthouse for Your Customers

By: Shad Bookout

Ever since I was a child, I was amazed at the wonders of lighthouses. Images of sailors and pirates crossing the seas with the beacon of the lighthouse shinning in the distance filled my head. Picture the despair and the woe of those who have been at sea for many days with no land in sight. Then suddenly, when all hope is lost, they see a light on the horizon: the beams from the lighthouse safely lighting their passage. However, in the modern technologic age, the lighthouse is in danger of being replaced by automation and digitization. The truth is, though, you cannot replace the lighthouse and the message it brings. In much the same way, you should become a beacon for your customers. Maybe it is time for you to be the guiding light that helps them find their way.

Today’s customers are easily distracted…and so are we. The constant ding of the email, chirp of the text, or beep of the alert has us reacting like Pavlovian dogs. With all the noise, it is hard for us to successfully focus on the things that are needed to capture and keep a customer’s attention. It is important that you change your mindset to one that is less focused on the world around you and more laser-focused on the customer’s actual needs.

Customers are not always well-informed, and their lack of knowledge makes for many opportunities to sabotage their own customer experience. This challenge is further worsened by the companies removing the human factor or their sales process in favor of a more automated experience. The results often bewilder customers. Now we are left with a society of customers that are still asking the one fundamental question: “Can someone please help me?”

lighthouse 4By creating a meaningful connection to a customer and taking the time to listen, pay attention, and truly care for a customer’s need, you are transforming yourself into a beacon of hope for stranded customers. It does not matter if your solution involves something other than your brand, or even a competitor. Customers need someone who will truly help them. The salespeople who take the time to help the customer rather than pushing them away or hiding behind policies and bureaucracies will cause a change in perception. You cease to be “that salesperson” and become “the person who helped”. This transition allows a customer to let down their guard and take the time to listen. They will remember you and how you helped them. This may very well lead to future business and a host of loyal customers craving that you become a beacon for them, too.


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