Spring Sees New Blooms in Package Delivery

By: Christine Blank

Spring 5Spring has sprung and that can only signal one thing for your business or community: a significant increase in package and mail deliveries. While volume may have slowed slightly after everyone got back to work after the Christmas and winter holidays, it is about to spike again.

Parents and teachers are ordering uniforms for children’s sport teams. High school students are ordering clothing and accessories for their spring formals, proms, and graduation ceremonies. And don’t forget about Easter! Millions of Americans – including your residents and employees – will be ordering gifts and candy for the big day, as well as food for their Easter dinner.

dashAnd that is not all. The return (for most) of Daylight Saving Time has heralded the return of fun in the sun.  Items like Frisbees for dogs, car washing supplies, kites, and even drones are seeing increased shipping numbers. As families plan for summer vacations the will also be ordering many of the items they will need in advance to make that time memorable.

And the focus of shipping volumes is not strictly on outdoor related items. Amazon Dash and Amazon Now have combined to produce near instant access to items from laundry detergent to household cleaners to dusters and mops.

The surge in spring spending should not be surprising, since we already know that Americans are buying more online. Amazon’s annual e-commerce sales total a whopping $79.3 billion, while Wal-Mart sales soared to $13.5 billion and Apple’s sales total $12 billion, according to eMarketer. And Fed Ex just reported that its earnings jumped 28.6 percent in its most recent quarter, thanks to strong e-commerce sales in the U.S.

12days 2But how is your community or business handling the surge in package deliveries this spring? A few apartment communities have opted to not accept package deliveries at their leasing offices for their residents. This means that residents’ packages may be stolen after they are placed outside their doors, or damaged by weather.

A much better solution is the package notification system PackageLog featuring ScanCam.  The cloud-based system allows you to simply take a photo of the package’s label to enter the parcel into the system. It then automatically sets forth a series of automated emails and text messages designed to inspire timely pickup from the residents. It can also double as a resident communication and retention tool. This solution is more budget-friendly and less cumbersome on space than lockers.

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