6 Office Hacks to Eliminate Distractions

7K0A9929By: Christine Blank

The majority of us work in busy offices, where not only are employees and customers coming and going every day, but so are packages. Delivery drivers from UPS, FedEx, USPS and other mail services are on our doorstep daily. And then we must distribute those packages to employees and clients – some of whom never come pick them up. A mountain of packages awaits us on a nearly daily basis.

But we digress. Packages are not the only office distraction gumming up our workday. Here are the top six hacks to eliminate distractions at your workplace:

  1. Get off the email treadmill. Most of us can’t help but check email every few minutes – even when a customer is sitting right in front of us. Of course, this is very distracting and we could even lose a sale or a customer/ employee relationship because of it. Some experts suggest turning off email notifications and only checking email once an hour. Usually, the email is not that urgent, right?
  2. office 2Focus on the present moment. It is so tempting to get distracted by a co-worker’s annoying habit, a text chime, the clock or even by looking at the window. Be in the present moment, which allows you to focus on the work – or the person – in front of you. You will get twice as much accomplished, and feel less frazzled at the end of the day.
  3. Keep conversations short. We all have those customers – and even co-workers – who like to talk. Either in person or on the phone, they keep you much longer than necessary and distract away from your work goals. You can reduce the length of conversations in a polite way by simply asking, “Is there anything else?”. After the individual responds with , “No”, the conversation typically does not continue.
  4. Step away when you are overwhelmed. “When you’re pulled in too many directions, you start to frazzle. Once overwhelmed, no amount of effort will save you from a productivity death spiral. Snap out of the funk by stepping away from your desk, clearing your head, then confronting your workload with a fresh mind,” according to MoneyUnder30.
  5. Take one thing off your plate whenever you add a new task. “Whenever a boss or colleague comes to you with a request for help on something that’s not part of your normal workload, cut a deal right then and there for commensurate help with something nagging you,” Money Under30 writes. “There’s never a better time to ask for a favor than when being asked and agreeing to one yourself. You’ll still be viewed as flexible and a team player, but you’ll avoid getting swamped with extraneous activities.”

insane 46. Eliminate the endless distraction of packages and mail. Thanks to the convenience of Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers, the flood of packages into your office or apartment community have increased exponentially every year. And the trend is only expected to continue. Package distribution typically takes employees up 6 minutes per package. Instead of letting those packages build up in mail rooms or mail lockers, PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™ is the fastest and most effective way to deal with package distribution. Simply take photo of the label and the cloud based system begins sending email and texts to the intended recipient. It is as simple as point – click – send.