Package Delivery and the Space – Time Equation

By: Shad Bookout

space 1The reason that it is called “space” is that there is a lot of it. But space here on planet Earth is at a premium. As our population grows, so do the burdens we are placing on resources. Everything is getting more crowded and, as a result, more stressful. This is especially true when it come to package delivery. It seems like just a few short years ago when the arrival of the delivery driver was a cause for celebration. It was almost as if it was you birthday when the corrugated cardboard box arrived with its sterile while label. But Amazon and other e-commerce giants have changed all of that. Package delivery has become a source of great debate and frustration. And all of the discussions revolve around two factors: space and time.

The Great Package Debate

space 2For multi-family communities, space and time are two assets we are always searching for more of. As of late, there is a lot of discussion of the challenges that resident package delivery has to the amount of time our property management teams have and the amount of space the ever-growing pile of parcels is taking up. It does not take an astrophysicist to know that you simple cannot create more time (or more space. for that matter). So, since the packages keep coming, a variety of solutions have been offered to resolve the Package Delivery versus Space – Time Equation.

One growing trend is to simply say “no!”: “No more resident packages will ever be delivered to our office ever again.” But this creates a hassle and friction for our residents. Package delivery acceptance is an amenity like any other – and a very important one at that. Shouldn’t our time be spent providing great customer service to our residents, rather than just sticking our heads in the sand?

Also, package lockers are a much-discussed solution. Whereas package lockers address the acceptance part of the equation, they do not take into account the space component. Locker systems are big – very big. They still take up lots of space and, in some cases, even more space than the packages did. And then you still have the challenges of lockers being full, items that won’t fit into lockers, climate-controlled items (such as refrigerated medicines), or items that need to be delivered timely. Also, lockers cost a lot of money and don’t do anything else – they are just package lockers.

The Solution to the Space-Time Equation

space 3To solve the equation, you need a better solution. One that aids customer service, inspires timely package pickup from residents to alleviate burdens on space, and does not break the budget. What if this solution allowed for custom email and text notifications that were automated and even allowed for non-package related messages to be sent as well? Even better would be making it to where it worked on any device (computer, smartphone, or tablet). Did we say it had to be budget-friendly, because that is super important? What about the opportunity to connect to property management software to control the list of package recipients? And why not add in a record-keeping feature so we know who picked up the package, when they picked it up and who on our team helped that resident.

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