Are you the Master of the 5 ‘W’s?

By: Shad Bookout

Every day, you encounter customers that are filled with questions. In some cases, it seems that all they ever have are questions. And they expect you to have all the answers. It is not important to them if those answers are a part of your job description. They do not care that they could probably discover the solutions themselves. It is not their concern what your company policy dictates. What they care about is your ability to serve them and that service almost always revolves around the 5 “W”s.

w 1Who Needs It – Do you know your customers? I mean, do you really know them? Recognizing their face and name is only a small part of it. Over time, you should be able to predict the needs of your customers as you learn more about them. It requires a curious mind and a heart that truly cares for the customers’ needs. Knowing who they are is every bit as important as knowing what they need.

w 2What Do They Need – Customers today are expecting more and more from the people who serve them. They want greater access to goods and services, while having less friction in their customer service transactions. They also expect you to be able to deliver on anything they need. In some scenarios, this includes the ability to borrow things that they cannot otherwise afford to have. In others, it means that your company has a need to carry a wider inventory in order to prepare for the eventual needs of the new breed of demanding customer.

w3Where & When It All Goes Down – We all want more convenience, and your customers are no different. They want easy access to goods and services – both online and in-person. They also want the ability for what they need to be available when they need it. The ability to reserve goods and services in advance is a great bonus to offer to customers. Also, the ability to communicate to them about the items they have or are interested in allows you to engage in a conversation about your brand. This means a greater customer experience for both you and them.

w4How Are You Going to Help – Since successful brands already understand who their customer is, the “why” has already been addressed, and so becomes a question that is seldom relevant unto itself. But a great deal of time, energy, and often money goes into addressing how you will meet the needs of your customers. Many of the challenges (both logistic and financial) keep some brands from taking the initiative and reaching for this next level of customer service. But there are options out there that can eliminate the burdens and enable you to succeed while your competitors falter.

One such solution is TrackitLog. TrackitLog’s cloud-based system enables your team to track the whereabouts of any asset that your customers (or internal team) may need. This includes things that may be loaned and services that may be needed in the future. Reservations can be made in advance and the system even sends text and email reminders when items are due to be returned. It operates as easily from a phone or tablet as it does a computer and the best part is that it is extremely budget friendly. Most of our customers spend less than $1.50 per day. Learn more about how TrackitLog can help you track the things in your business world by clicking here.