Are You Creating Pearls of Just Big Irritations?

By: Shad Bookout

pearlFor my entire life, I have been fascinated by pearls. These mystical jewels that some don as decorative accents around their neck are like no other. Emeralds, diamonds and sapphires are all derived from minerals in the Earth. But pearls are made. The journey a pearl takes during its creation inside an oyster begins very small. And so too, the journey your team members will undergo begins small. But from small beginnings, a small irritation can grow great wonders – or suffer a tragic fate.

One Day an Irritation Starts

Businesswoman shouting at telephone. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.Not every day in your office is perfect. The happiest, most well-adjusted team members will have a rotten day from time to time. What is otherwise a flourishing workplace will suddenly see some (or sometimes all) flustered and flabbergasted. It is usually nothing big or too extraordinary. But on that day and at that time, the irritation was able to grab hold, just like a grain of sand lodges into an oyster. When a team member is unable to get rid of the irritation, only two choices remain: learn from it and incorporate it into your world, or allow it to fester and continue to feel the pains that it causes.

And as the Irritation Grows

pearl 3Those who are able to embrace the irritation can grow from it and become better than ever before. This is unfortunately easier said than done. Some situations just hit people (and teams) the wrong way and they struggle to get over them. Maybe it is something created by a customer. Maybe another team member is the culprit. Perhaps you are the source of their exasperation. In any case, once it is there, it has the opportunity to get stuck in their heads and the work they will produce going forward has the possibility of suffering. It is up to you to be aware of these circumstances and to intervene. It is up to you to either nurture your team and help develop their pearls, or allow them to suffer the ill fate that may follow.

What Emerges is Partially Up to You

pearl 2The best lessons are those that are hard-learned. When you help your teams learn from and recover from their bumps in the road, they will become better because of it. Just letting things go or ignoring it because of your own challenges may lead to a catastrophic collapse of an otherwise great operation. Each circumstance is unique as is what each employee needs in order to deal with the challenges they face. They may just need to vent frustrations or receive a different perspective to the situation. Maybe a new tool or bit of training can help them succeed when the challenges occur again. Maybe they just need to step away and have the opportunity to calm down and deal with things in their own way. It is up to you to help them in the best possible way. Turn the irritation into a pearl or let the irritation eventually overwhelm the oyster.


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