How Do You Show Your Customers the Love?

By Shad Bookout

customer 1Why did your customers choose you? Somehow, in a world of growing competition and unprecedented access to information about brands, they chose you. Was it because you had the best advertising? Or maybe, you had the best prices. You could even possibly have filled a need that they had and the stars aligned for your brand to be in the right place, at the right time. We spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get customers to our doors, but as soon as they arrive, it seems like our drive and passion to keep them as customers disappears. But, today is a new day and a great opportunity to let your customers know that they are more than just dollar signs and that you truly love and appreciate them.

It All Comes Down to Reputation

customer 2Customers want to be valued. You constantly see the headlines about cable companies and credit card companies that are hated because they treat their customers with near contempt. The end result from of that treatment is vastly different than a few years ago. Upset a customer today and they will not hesitate to destroy your brand on social media and review sites. In fact, most customers who have had a poor experience will go as far as to tell up to 10 people about that experience. However, when you do succeed, you may not immediately feel the same level of passionate discourse from those you serve. Only one to two people may hear about the positive experience in the customer’s words and, unless the customer experience is truly memorable, there may be no attention given to your brand on social media and review sites. Maintaining a good reputation is vital, but not easy. Earning a bad reputation is simple and ultimately damaging to your profitability.

Love is in the Air

customer 3To stand out in a customer’s mind is to be both unique and memorable. Even if other competitors do the same basic services (or provide the same goods) that you do, you can always stand out in their minds by doing things in a unique or special way. Nothing goes further than being exceptionally polite, pleasant, and easy to do business with. Do the things that you say you are going to do and be timely with the help that you provide. Under promise and over deliver. Whatever a customer believes is the level of service you should provide, make sure to take it to the next level (or even further still).  The way they will feel most loved and appreciated is if you give each of them the individual attention they deserve.

customer 4Being memorable is also a key to being a brand that customers love. We remember the funniest and most poignant of the Super Bowl commercials. Funny sells and is something relatable by most people. You don’t have to be ha-ha funny, but having a sense of humor in your brand goes a long way. Also, being creative in your presentation and follow-up helps set you apart and allows people to walk away with a memorable moment that will last. No one is drawn to generic. Being memorable is all about standing out in the crowd.

What are some of the ways that you show the love to your customers? Let us know in the comments below.