Does Your Office Suffer From this Dreaded Disease?

By: Shad Bookout

idd 1There is a disease that is affecting every office around the world. You have felt its ill effects yourself from time to time. It causes offices thousands of dollars and hundreds of manpower hours each year. Today, we will discuss the repercussions of this dreaded plague and the opportunities that you have to inoculate your business.

It all starts with a pen…

What is Items Displacement Disorder (IDD)

IDD touches us all in our workplace. Its first symptoms pop up when your coworker innocently requests to borrow a pen. You know they would not ask this unless they needed it, and you are happy to assist your teammate. But the pen never returns. Once this has repeated itself a few times, you suddenly discover that you have been left without a pen yourself. You have the choice of buying more pens or spreading the disease to others that you may request a pen from. No one intends to spread Items Displacement Disorder, but once the disease is loose in your office, the infection can spread quickly if it goes unchecked.

As the disease continues, other items begin to turn up missing. It starts simple with office supplies such as staplers, tape dispensers, and thumb drives. But soon, it moves to more pertinent items. Files go missing, keys go missing, and so do a variety of other important and often confidential items. Soon, staff members are spending more time searching than they are working, and a hole is slowly opening up in the budget for incurred replacement costs.

It Is Not Just Your Office that is Affected

IDD 3For organizations that have a strong public front, their customers can also be affected by IDD. Things that are typically loaned for their benefit have gone missing and, as a result, the new customer request must go unfulfilled. Reservations for items get mixed up, causing double booking or lack of usage due to misplaced confidence as to the actual availability. More hours are spent trying to resolve situations. What’s worse is that customers get upset when the service they are accustomed to begins to falter.  Bad online reviews start to emerge leading to a reduction in new customers. Profit shrink cause workforce reductions and extended workloads for the remaining team. As Items Displacement Disorder reaches epidemic levels, both customers and team members alike become dejected and displeased.

But Every Disease Has a Cure

idd 4For businesses that are already entrenched in the battle against the spread of this dreaded disease, there are new tools emerging that will help you once again return to a healthy office. For organizations that are seeing the first sign of IDD, a quick, cost-effective solution can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. In-office communication tools allow for greater clarity among teams. A great tool to assist with this is Slack. Another inexpensive solution is task management apps such as Evernote. Finally, track items that you loan to others as well as manage inventory with TrackitLog, which sends return reminders to the people who have procured your items and helps you know who has which items and the condition that they are in.

All of these programs are inexpensive and can help you save time, save money and stop the spread of Items Displacement Disorder.