Get Ready – Get Set – or Go

By: Shad Bookout

rsg 1What are you doing right now? No, right NOW (other than reading this blog, that is)! I am sure that there is some level of work craziness that is happening around you. This is especially true of multi-family professionals. The phones are ringing, residents are walking in, a prospect tour is on its way, my managers is still asking for that report, half the team is out sick, etc. How are you supposed to get any real work done?

When it comes down to it, at any given moment, you fall into one of these three categories:

Getting Ready and Set

rsg 2Most of us spend an inordinate amount of our time getting ready. The problem is that this leads to a downward spiral of time management. At some point, you have to stop preparing and start doing. We sometimes get so caught up in the tunnel vision of our daily routine that we forget that the other people around us see the world through different eyes. It is important to look past what the actual to-do is and understand what the goal should be. In most cases, this takes a lot less time to prepare for and shifts the focus to, “What do I need to do right now to get this done?”.

It’s Go Time

rsg 3Once you have the important things around you set, then it is time to execute your plan. This too can lead to a slippery slope. Each day, you have to plan for your prospect tours. And each day, I bet you conduct the same exact tour, each and every time. You are trapped on the “golden path”. This leads to being blind to challenges and deaf to the real needs of your future residents. Try alternating your tours and showing everything in reverse order. Or show the items that the resident has deemed most important to him or her first. The same theory can be executed with all of our plans. The time has come to end the “go time” monotony and to start making each task unique and special.

But Then It Happens

rsg 4You have properly planned and are in the middle of an epic day filled with success, and then it happens. You get distracted by a resident (or co-worker, or phone / email / text) and everything begins to unravel. Once the momentum of the moment has ended, the pile-up begins and you find yourself once again buried in a mountain of to-dos and getting ready to-dos. It is important to build in time to your day that is devoted to recovery from these moments.  Without it, you will fall into the trap of reacting rather than acting on the things that need your attention.

Of course, one of the biggest distractions you will encounter is resident package delivery. In some  cases, the regular delivery drivers that visit your office are seen more as monsters than anything else – harbingers of evil boxes that fill your closets and cause residents to fall into temporary bouts of insanity. Sure, your community can go spend thousands of dollars on lockers, which take up space and don’t really solve the problem. What happens when the lockers are full? What happens to the things that won’t fit in lockers? What about things that are of an urgent nature, such as medicines or items that need refrigeration?  Residents will continue to call to see if the delivery driver has been there yet.  Now you are out of money and still frustrated.

The solution is simple…PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™. It will end the package-related calls from residents. It will get them to pick up their stuff faster and free up space. Oh, and the best part: it costs most apartment communities less than $100 per month. Simple, Fast, Effective, and Budget-Friendly…Sign up here. —>