Will the New Year Bring the Same Office Challenges?

By: Shad Bookout

productivity 1.pngCongratulations. You did it! Not only did you survive 2015, you survived the busiest shipping holiday season in history. It seems like every hour, the UPS driver was dropping off a tower of parcels. They may have been for the co-workers in your office. They may have been for the residents at your apartment community. They may have even been for a variety of people served from your mail room. But whatever your scenario, the packages kept coming and you kept battling to try to keep ahead of the growing mountain. At the end of the year, you survived the ordeal (just barely). And now, you stand at the dawn of a new year.

productivity 2In 2016, the New Year will bring new solutions for the challenges that plague your office. New and old technology is combining to solve everything from office productivity to communication challenges with customers. One example is the team communication tool Slack. This app was adopted by hundreds of offices in 2015 and was met with rave reviews. This year will see Slack continue to revolutionize the ways in which teams communicate.

Customers discovering your brand are also of paramount importance. Mobile first is the wave of the future as Google continues to place priority on mobile optimized websites. But it does not stop at your web presences. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will still remain of vital importance. But as a younger demographic takes control of the marketplace, visually-focused social such as Periscope and SnapChat will move to prominence.

productivity 3Digital technology will also help offices become more productive. Email optimization tools like Sanebox, scheduling tools such as Thrive Day Planner, and project management tools like Trello will help businesses save countless hours while focusing team energy on the tasks that are the most pertinent. Whatever the challenges you are facing, the technology is out there for you to utilize a high tech solution.

7K0A0190That brings us back to the problem with packages: with 3.5 million people signing up for Amazon Prime since December 14, there are going to be a lot more packages arriving over the next twelve months. Since each package that you deal with takes an average 6 minutes to receive, record, monitor and distribute, you could have a year filled with parcel predicaments, rather than spending your time focused on more important duties. PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™ turns those minutes into seconds. The cloud-based system helps you get back 95% of the time you used to spend dealing with packages and simultaneously gives you a powerful communication tool for teams as well as customers.

In 2016, it is time for you to get your valuable time back. The time is now for you to give PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™ a try. Now available in the Google Play Store as well as in the App Store. To learn more, Click here.