PackageLog Saves the New Year (A Package of Resolutions)

By: Shad Bookout 

NYE 12The rush of packages that comes with the holidays is over…or is it? The combined efforts of UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service have already resulted in more than 250 million packages delivered since Thanksgiving. For many apartment communities, it felt as though the majority came through their community’s front door.

And, in 2015, we saw the important discussion of how to deal with the ever-increasing volume of package deliveries take center stage at multi-family conferences across the U.S. A variety of solutions came to be. Some management companies, such as Camden, eliminated package management altogether.  Others spent huge sums of money and space on locker-based systems. Others went the route of package management tools. In all cases, the parcels kept coming. And the volume will continue to grow to record amounts in the coming year. In 2016, it is up to you to resolve to take control of the packages arriving to your community and provide better service to your residents.

xmas 2The package onslaught is not done. There will be spikes in online ordering around holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter, as well as the Super Bowl. But the challenge of dealing with the increased volume is the true test of a management team’s merit. Are you going to deny package delivery for the resident that is insulin-dependent and is ordering medicine online? Are you going to force Valentine’s Day chocolate and flowers to sit in non-climate controlled lockers? Are you going to continue to ignore opportunities to provide memorable customer service to your residents? The time is now for you to save money, save time, provide great customer service and deal with package delivery in a more effective way.

NYE 9Enter PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™. Simply download the app. When a package arrives, take out your smartphone or tablet, snap a photo of the information on the label, and you are done. A custom, personalized email / text is automatically sent to the resident to announce the parcel’s arrival. The system then automatically continues to remind them about the need to pick up their package. Once retrieved, the system sends a final pick-up verification to the resident. Minutes turn into seconds. Mountains of packages turn into a manageable few. Your residents get a great amenity. and you get piece of mind. Oh, and did we mention it is budget friendly and comes with a variety of additional bells and whistles such a mass messaging?

Make 2016 the year you defeat the packages. Resolve to learn more about how PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™ can help. Click here  and ring in the New Year strong.