PackageLog Save Christmas: Episode 5 (‘Twas the Day Before Christmas)

By: Shad Bookout

PackageTowers‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through our apartments

Every resident was busy digging through compartments.

They were wrapping their presents with ribbon and bow.

And listening to the radio play “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.”

All the residents were happy, not a single one mad;

xmas 2Not even the lady in 3C (What a hag!).

And I was in my office pulling reports when, the UPS driver I feared came in.

The Leasing Agents ran away to hide and my assistant claimed she was on lunch (She lied).

xmas 3Mountains of packages were stacked high on his cart.

He came right in and the parcels were parked.

I glanced at them all; I knew every name.

And I noticed that Amazon is from where the majority came

There is one for Axle, for Wilson, and Pat,

And another for Tina (her kid Rufus is a brat).

xmas 1They were stacked deep and they were stacked tall;

The whole community had boxes, each one of them all.

As we all stood and gazed at the towers,

The maintenance tech exclaimed “don’t we leave in three hours?”

I was not worried; my team knew the plan;

They pulled out the smart phones and pull up PackageLog® featuring ScanCam™.

xmas 4They photo’d each label, and I changed the message so say:

“If you want your last minute packages; you have until 3 o’clock today!”

The text alerts went out to residents far and near.

And it was only a few minutes before we stated to hear,

The sound of the crowd stampeding to get to the door

To retrieve the last packages that were piled high on the floor.

At 2:53 the last delivery went out. It was then we all cheered and had no more doubt.

And our entire team exclaimed as we all walked away

Thanks you PackageLog®, you sure saved our day.

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