PackageLog Saves Christmas: Episode 4 (Winter is Coming)

By: Shad Bookout

xmas 1The long days of summer have finally been overtaken by the long nights of winter. As Jack Frost prepares for a little nose nipping, the country enters the final push towards Christmas. This Monday was the busiest shipping day of the year. This makes tomorrow (Christmas Eve, Eve) the busiest day of the year in package rooms across the U.S. Every package has its own tale of the journey it has taken – just like the tale I am about to tell you. It begins just as everything else does: very small.

As she pulled the blue bow in her hair tight, Susie smiled in the mirror. She had just recently learned to tie it so that both loops were the same size. She bounded across her apartment to the front window. At six years old, she was especially excited for Christmas this year. Her letters to Santa had been sent weeks ago and she had indeed been quite good this year. Now, all that was left to make Christmas complete was snow. And she was sure that the snow was coming.

She peered out the window at the greying sky. “Mom, are you sure the man on TV said that it would be today?”, she asked anxiously across the living room.  Her mom, Sarah, busy making lunch for the two of them, replied, “Yes Sweetpea. It is supposed to be today. But you know it may not be until later.” Sarah smiled at her enthusiasm. Susie had never had a White Christmas, but it was sure to happen this year. She just hoped that the weather would not slow down the package deliveries. Susie’s big “surprise” was still on the way.

Around 3:00, the first few flakes of snow wisped through the air. By the time night fell and Susie went to bed, there was just enough snow to lightly dust the cars in the parking lot. When Susie awoke and went to the window the next morning, her eye nearly shot out of her head. The snow was so ferocious that she could barely see out the window. Susie giggled with glee as she went to get herself ready for the day. It was Christmas Eve and it was snowing!

Sarah was not as enthusiastic as she heard the Frozen soundtrack starting from the back of the apartment.  She knew the apartment office would close early today. She just hoped her package would arrive in time. She looked over at her phone. At that same moment, as though it was meant to be, her phone vibrated with an alert. She picked it up from the coffee table and smiled. It was the alert from her apartment office that her package had arrived, and that they would be closing a noon today. Susie was going to be surprised when she woke up the next morning!

At 11:00, Sarah buttoned up her coat and told Susie she was walking to the mail box. Susie, of course wanted to go but Sarah asked her to stay put. “It is snowing too hard, Sweetpea. I’ll be right back.” She dashed through the deluge of snow to the apartment community office. She thanked the staff as she retrieved the package and placed it in her car to await tomorrow’s Christmas surprise. Once Susie had finally drifted off to sleep that night, she went to her car, brought in the gift and adorned it with a bow and gift tag. Then, Sarah went to bed herself.

xmas 3The next morning, she awoke to squeals of “Merry Christmas, mom!”. As they both entered the living room, Susie had her hands over her eyes so that she could be even more surprised. “1, 2, 3!” She opened her eyes and discovered a brand new sled. And it was a Frozen sled too. It even had a tag on it. She sounded out the words. “Merry Christmas, Susie. Have fun in the snow. Love, Elsa”. She paused for a moment as it processed through her head. Elsa had sent HER a gift. She spun around with joy. Sarah smiled at her daughter as Susie told her all about how Elsa sent her a gift. Winter was here, and it was going to be an extra special one for Susie.

While this story is fictional, it does represent the joy that we all receive this gift-giving season. However, package deliveries are a stress for both the people who receive them and the people who wait for them to arrive. That is why the PackageLog system is so vital. Instead of waiting for a package, your residents now await a text / email from you, announcing the package’s arrival. You save time, you save energy, you save space and you become sort of a year-round Santa Claus as you give your residents their packages. And everyone is always happy to see Santa.

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