Holidays Bring Community, Togetherness, and Deliveries

By: Shad Bookout

holidays 1 As a supplier it is amazing to witness the transformation of apartment communities during the holiday season.  Everyone is in a better mood and has an extra bit of pep in their step. Vendors and residents alike are dropping of tasty treats to the office. Decorations and lights abound. Residents receive a little extra cheer at holiday parties hosted by the apartment community. There is more joy in the air as we all come together as a greater community.

holidays 2At the same time, the benefits of the holiday season on our personal lives are flourishing as well.  Most of us receive and often are the leaders of fellowship and togetherness for those around us. We gather together as family and friends. We share stories, laughs, and cookies (lots and lots of cookies). The greatest part about this togetherness is that, just like lights can brighten a tree, we can brighten the lives of those around us through our giving spirits. There is more joy in the air as well experience the joy that our togetherness provides.

But also there are boxes: Lots and lots of boxes. They come in one at a time at first. You would think that maybe only a couple of people are receiving more parcels than they usually do. Then they arrive in stacks. Then on dollies. Then on carts. They sometimes even arrive in truckloads. They fill closets, rooms and all available space. The mountain of delivery boxes grows higher and higher. They come from relatives and friends, and from places like Amazon. Some of the boxes are quickly retrieved. Some sit there for what seems like forever. And it seems like for every box that is retrieved, three more are delivered. When will the madness stop?

IMG_2372Communities that do not allow delivery have residents that quickly become frustrated due the increased hassle in their lives. Stories of deliveries being stolen while they sit unsecured in front of doors are filling the newspapers.  This creates greater stress from people living at apartment communities where this may occur. Communities that have parcel locker systems quickly see them overrun by the volume with the excess deliveries (along with the one that won’t fit) back into the office that is paying for a system that is failing under the strain of increased online orders. Instead of bringing more togetherness and a sense of community, the stress of package delivery has turned everyone (staff and residents alike) into Grinches.

And then there are the communities that use PackageLog. They are filled with holiday cheer, since they do not have these issues. By using ScanCam, they are able to take a photo of the package label and send the custom message in less than 10 seconds. Packages are picked up quicker, since the system sends automatic reminders every 24 hours. Residents are thrilled because their packages are secured and they receive a confirmation when they pick up their package. All of this is sent by email and/ or text. Also, you can send individual email and text to use in resident retention and holiday greetings.

They are happy with the increased communication and that you care enough to care for their packages. You are happier because you saved time, space, and effort. Your owners are happier because of how much money they save on the PackageLog system (plus it is free for anyone to use during the holiday’s by using this link – ) versus lockers or similar system. This means that everyone is going to enjoy the holiday more are your apartment community.