Use These Tips to Save Christmas at Your Apartment Community

By: Gustavo Ortiz

pl xmas 1Let the games begin. We are quickly counting down the days until Christmas. As each work day brings us closer to the big day, apartment communities will significantly feel the burdens of the increased surprises that come with the holiday season. From company events to community activities to additional needs from residents and, of course, an ever-increasing flow of package deliveries, time – as well as your sanity – comes at a premium this time of year.

Luckily, all is not lost. Follow these three tips to ensure that you and your residents will be filled with holiday cheer:

Communication is Key

7K0A0603Amidst the increased sanity that comes with the holidays, it is easy to get distracted in the turmoil. Calls are forgotten, emails are missed and flyers become just another piece of paper in the overwhelming mix. To successfully get your message to your residents and have them actually see it, text is king in the new age. Be sure to text blast all your residents about community events, changes in holiday hours and even just a “holiday happy” message. This will help you prevent having the Grinch show up in your office this holiday season.

Help – Time Be on Your Side

zzz 1Is it just me, or during this time of year, are we all trying to fit 30 hours into a 24 hour day? Between the increased workload, the increased needs of your residents, and the uptick in your personal holiday activities, you cannot be everywhere at once. Your residents are feeling the same pain that you are. To help them, remember these four things:

  1. Communicate everything clearly
  2. Be proactive and solution focused
  3. Many of them keep the same working hours you do.
  4. You need to be a solution – not another distraction – in their holiday season.
  5. Consider extending your office hours once a week, so you are available to help your residents when they are at home (this is also a good time for residents to pick up their packages).
  6. Change your PackageLog™ notification delays to invite residents to pick up their parcels during the down times in your office.

And Speaking of Packages…

perspective 2Throughout the year, packages have been a pain. Residents are always calling to see if their delivery has arrived. Once it gets there, they will leave it in the office, forgetting that it is there. And when they do pick it up, it takes what seems like an eternity to retrieve and document the package. If you thought it was busy then, get ready. The packages are coming! It is estimated that the average apartment resident will receive 12 to 15 package deliveries this holiday season. You have to find a way to manage the time, manage the space, and manage the craziness that resident packages create.

The best tool to help – PackageLog™ featuring the ability to ScanCam™ them in instantly. Denying package deliveries only frustrates busy residents that would otherwise see you as a resource (not a hindrance). Lockers take up too much space, and are really costly…  and what happens once they’re full (or a package does not fit). ScanCam™ packages into PackageLog™  and let technology work for you. Save time. Save space. And save money because you can have PackageLog™ for the rest of the holiday season to ScanCam™ those packages instantly for free. Click this link and save the holiday season.