PackageLog Saves Christmas

Episode 1: A New Season Begins

By: Shad Bookout

xmas 1A new day has dawned across the planet. Many in the U.S. are still trying to recover from their post-Thanksgiving malaise. Just four days removed from the onslaught of Black Friday Shopping and less than 24 hours since the last purchase on Cyber Monday, a quiet calm encompasses households everywhere. However, this is just the deep breath before the long exhale. Package rooms are just now seeing the beginnings of what is shaping up to be the busiest delivery season on record.

When the smoke finally settled, just over $3 billion was spent by xmas 3consumers on Cyber Monday which, a significant 12% increase over last year’s numbers. When you combine that with the fact that 18% of Black Friday deals were purchased online, you can see that the number of packages set for delivery at the start of the season is staggering. At one point on Monday, Amazon was selling over 500 items per second. And the holiday season is just getting started. Now, the task of shipping all the goods has commenced, which sets the stage for offices that accept package delivery to get even busier than they already were.

As the scope and scale of the task at hand begins to sink into the minds of the people receiving packages for others, a variety of fears and xmas 2reservations arise. Among them are, “How much time is it going to take to deal with these deliveries?”, “How long will people let them sit here, taking up space, before they actually retrieve them?” and “How many times am I going to be asked, ‘Has my package arrived yet?’.” The task seems daunting. But, don’t fret. There is a better way.

Enter PackageLog featuring ScanCam – The hero of holiday shipping. The more packages that you receive, the harder that the cloud-based package management system will work to help you (and your package room) survive the holidays. No more entering the package information Scan 1into a binder or notepad. No more numerous calls from residents and employees, asking if they have a delivery. Simply use ScanCam to take a photo of the label and PackageLog enters the package into the system, recognizes the person for whom it is intended, and then sends them a series of email / text alerts and reminders to come retrieve their parcels.

The calls end. People come get their stuff much more quickly, so more space is freed up. You time is also freed up, since the minutes it takes to deal with a package has turned into the seconds it takes to snap a photo of the label. The pain is gone. The stress is gone. Happiness returns to your package room. And the holidays are saved once again, thanks to PackageLog featuring ScanCam.

Discover how easy receiving packages really can be. Receive a free trail of PackageLog featuring ScanCam through the holidays. Click this link and save the holiday season.