What We Give Thanks For

By: Shad Bookout

Thanksgiving 1Welcome to Thanksgiving 2015! Let us pause for a moment before we pass the turkey and the cranberry sauce and focus on the true meaning of the holiday. The spirit of Thanksgiving provides an opportunity for us to recognize the things to which we owe our gratitude. For individuals, this often comes in the form of thankfulness for family, friends, good health, opportunities and so on. But businesses are a little different. Many team members and executives may not instantly recognize the things their company should show appreciation for. So here is our list of some of the things which we give our thanks for:

thanks 4Our Team

Thank you for the tireless efforts that you give each and every day. Thank you for the long hours, the extra hours, for sometimes putting your personal life on pause to help out a customer. Thank you for the smiles in the office and happy voices on the other side of the phone. Thank you for caring about what you do and for caring about the needs of those whom you help. Thank you for being a part of our family and for allowing us to be part of yours.

Our Customers

Thank you for allowing us to the opportunity to serve you. In a world where limitless options abound and technology allows for much more knowledge of product and service options, you have chosen us. And for us you are not just an invoice or a faceless entity attached to an email. We smile when you take time out of your day to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Serving you has allowed us to succeed. Without your input and feedback, we would be unable to grow. Thank you for giving us purpose, for providing a challenge and the opportunity to conquer that challenge. Thank you for choosing us.

Our Partners

Thanks 3Thank you for helping us along our path. Thank you for the care you take in supporting our brand and our team.  Thank you for being great at what you do. Not everyone can be great at everything, and your skills help lift us above the challenges that may otherwise slow us down. Thank you for taking the time to understand our needs and for your unrelenting quest to make sure that we rise above our competitors to provide our customers the best possible products and services. You are more than suppliers and vendors…you are an extension of our family.


Thank you for making life easier.  Thank for being at the center of everything that we do. You have made it easier to communicate to our customers and to each other. You have given us hours of entertainment that, not too many years ago, were not available for us to enjoy. Thank you for making us faster, more productive, more efficient and more impactful. Thank you for always providing new opportunities by which we can evolve. But mostly, thank you for being a vessel to join us all together. The world is smaller now and we are thankful that technology is keeping us all connected.


Thanks 2Thank you for being a part of our world and marvelous journey that we are on. You read our blogs, you share with us on social media and you visit us at trade shows. We love providing you with our thoughts, our viewpoints and our ideas. You have allowed us an outlet for our creativity and our thought leadership. We hope that you enjoy reading our blogs and other offerings as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. And we hope that you will continue with us as we continue into the future.

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Happy Thanksgiving!