A Picture is Worth a Thousand Seconds

By: Shad Bookout

Package Racing ScanCamLittle did they know it at the time but people watching sci-fi shows such as the original Star Trek during the 1960s, or its Next Generation counterpart in the late 80s and early 90s, were watching the future unfold before their eyes. Today, we are watching many of the technological dreams that featured in those shows become staples of our daily lives. Hand-held data devices turned into iPads. Medical scanners similar to the tricorder are in their infancy. Scientists are even working on the real version of a tractor beam. It is easy – and exciting – to watch the future unfolding before our very eyes.

Scan 2The same can now be said for package delivery and the future is fast indeed. Attendees of the 2015 National Multi-Family Housing Council Optech show are witnessing this firsthand and discovering that the pain that they have been experiencing at their apartment communities has a cure. Welcome to the future. Welcome to ScanCam™.

For the last few years, apartment communities have been plagued by the growing challenges of accepting packages on behalf of their residents. As the popularity of online ordering and shipping has grown, so has the volume of packages arriving though apartment community doors. This increased volume has created a premium on space for storage and staff time for managing the deluge. Furthering the problems, residents would often leave packages in the office for days / weeks.

Scan 1

ScanCam in action

A variety of solutions have been attempted. Some apartment communities have begun to deny package deliveries, allowing for the opportunity for theft or weather damage for packages left by the resident’s front door. Package lockers have brought as many challenges as they have solutions. What happens for items that are too big for lockers or if the lockers are full? Also the costs and space commitments for lockers can be daunting. The only real solution is to better manage the packages and the residents at the same time.

PackageLog® became the standard for managing packages with its inception in 2013, managing over two million packages in just over two years’ time.  The minutes it took to deal with each individual package turned into seconds as the automated notification system provides customer email and text alerts to residents upon a packages’ arrival. This saves apartment communities thousands of manpower hours. But some management companies wanted the process to be faster still. Well, faster is coming!

Scan 3PackageLog® has unveiled its newest upgrade: ScanCam™. No longer will property management teams be required to manually enter information about arriving packages. Simply by taking a photo of the label with a smart phone or tablet, the system recognizes the resident’s delivery information. The same custom messages are then sent via text or email. While the same manual entry system will still be available for apartment communities that do not wish to utilize wireless devices, the ScanCam™ upgrades will allow for significant time and cost-savings for leasing teams.

Package delivery volumes are just going to continue growing. It is time for your apartment community to grow with it. The future is here. The future is fast. The future is ScanCam™. Learn more a reserve your subscription today by visiting this link.