How Big is 2 Million?

By: Shad Bookout

packagelog-2_mill_badge-01This week, we were thrilled to announce that the PackageLog package management system had logged its 2 millionth package – just six months after reaching one million packages (see press release).  As businesses and apartment communities continue to feel the pressure of rising package delivery volumes, it becomes all the more important that people learn that there are options out there to help them. Some have gone so far as to ban package delivery altogether. But the real solution lies in learning how to evolve the practices of your office to use the increased package delivery volume as a benefit rather than a hindrance.

That is where PackageLog comes into play. The cloud-based system allows you reduce the time you deal with each package by more than 80%. And that speed is about to get much faster, which means that even more people will choose PackageLog to help them conquer the ever-growing mountain of packages.

Two million packages – that is a lot. But let’s put how big that really is into perspective:

  • million 2Two million pennies stacked is nearly two miles tall.
  • If you lay two million dollar bills end to end, they would stretch over 193 miles (it is only 140 to cross the Florida peninsula).
  • If you have two million pounds, you would have five blue whales.
  • Want to travel two million miles? Your path will take you to the moon and back four times (and you can even have a few orbits to spare). But still, Amazon on average ships almost twice that number of packages per day!
  • Two million gallons of water is enough to fill 40,000 bathtubs, but also helps you make 16,690 bottles of beer.
  • million 3Two million people live in New Mexico (36th in total U.S. population) and it is also the population of Vancouver.
  • Two million seconds is 23 days.

million 4As you can see, two million is a lot. If it feels like your office is on the verge of receiving two million packages, maybe it is time you find a faster, more effective method of dealing with the volume. How about clicking this link and giving PackageLog a two-week free trial? Let us show you how easy the system is to use and how much time and effort it can really save you.