Are you “Celebrity”?

By: Shad Bookout

celebrity 1We live in a celebrity-obsessed society. All you need to do is watch the news or glance at the magazines in the checkout aisle to see the huge focus we place on people who have reached celebrity status.

We all know Ryan Seacrest is a celebrity. So is Elton John. Even politicians (Bill Clinton is the best example) have a certain amount of celebrity status.  But some celebrities are less obvious. They are all around you. In fact, you may even be a celebrity in some people’s eyes.

Celebrities have achieved a certain level of fame or notoriety. This focus may be easily attached to actors, musicians and sports superstars. But on a more local basis, many business leaders may be considered a type of celebrity as well.

Photo via Infusionsoft

Photo via Infusionsoft

Their fame may only be known within the confines of their marketplace or their industry, but the impact of their fame is no less significant. In fact, the influence they produce and the effects of that influence touch us more frequently than those of people who live life in the limelight. Whether it is the economic results of their business, their philanthropic efforts or just the knowledge they are able to share, these celebrities are part of our daily lives and are a great source of inspiration.

celebrity 3This also means that, within the world of your workplace, there are many celebrities we encounter each and every day.  The leaders that we work for (and work with) carry a certain level of celebrity within our companies. The well-informed, well-liked supplier that frequently visits your business may be a type of celebrity in your eyes. Even certain customers can be famous (or even infamous) among the people in your office.

This also means that, to some people, you may be a celebrity. You could be famous in your family and one day, great grandchildren will tell tales of the legacy that you left behind. To your friends, you are definitely a celebrity even though it may be to a lesser extent. In fact, due to our own influences and the actions we take, at some point we all are celebrities. Social media is a great conduit to reveal our celebrity to those around us.

7K0A0698But you can be a celebrity to your customers as well. Great brands go beyond themselves and provide a value to customers that are far beyond the brand itself. When your customers reach out to you, you have the opportunity to become a celebrity by providing memorable service and being a great resource that goes beyond their actual needs. When a customer is back in their cars or homes and remembers that terrific encounter they had with you, you have become a celebrity to them because of that notoriety. So smile, and carry yourself like the superstar celebrity that you really are.


The team at Logware™ has developed a variety of products that can help you and your brand achieve this level of celebrity status with your customers. The TrackitLog™ system allows you to loan any item your customer need with the assurance that things will be returned thanks to the automated notification and reminder system. You can even reserve things in advance to make sure that whatever your customer’s needs are, you can meet them going into the future.  PackageLog® alerts customers when their package has arrived and automatically continues to remind them until they pick their parcel up. The increased service you can provide mixed with the increased level of meaningful, personalized communication means you customer will continue to see you as a celebrity for years to come.

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