Which Amenities Would Your Residents Elect?

By: Shad Bookout

elect 1As election season enters full swing, the majority of Americans are already fed up with the blow-hard bantering of most of the candidates seeking office.  With months until the actual elections, the non-stop squabbling of political pundits has most people’s ears ringing. All too often, we feel the same way about our apartment residents. However, when you take the time to listen – really listen – to the things they have to say, you will stop seeing them as an interruption in your day. They are the ones who keep us in office and they just may have the insights on the next items you should elect to bring to your apartment community offerings.

The Pampered Pet Platform

elect 2People love their four-legged family members and want the best for them. When you take some time and resources and focus them on the interests of this group, you will reach a new level of success. Many communities are already doing a portion of this by adding in “Bark Parks” and leash-free areas in the community. But the real trick is to treat pets the same way you treat apartment residents. Have “doggie ice cream” available as a refreshment when four-legged residents walk by your office. Remember their names, celebrate their birthdays, and even organize events for pets and their owners. All of this will keep more pets (and their owners) happy and active at your community.

The Bigger is Better Party

elect 3Developers are already creating larger and larger apartment offerings for all of the different cross-sections of apartment renters out there. But this is not the only place where size matters to your residents. One important feature is your community’s internet bandwidth. It is important to provide the fastest internet possible. More bandwidth means happier residents. The same goes for cell signal. Imagine a resident’s surprise after they move into an apartment that provides a less-than-adequate cell signal. As technology grows at a faster and faster pace, your apartment community must evolve alongside, ensuring that your residents are provided with the best and biggest digital amenities available.

The People for Package Delivery

concierge 3Part of the technological evolution for residents is package delivery. Especially this time of year, more and more items are being purchased online, set to be delivered to residents. Some apartment communities see the increased package volume as a problem, which in turn is causing them to begin denying packages – forcing the packages to be left to elements (and possible theft) in front of the residents’ doors. The apartment communities that are embracing the trend of increased package deliveries are the ones that are sure to keep their residents around longer. Package management and notification systems such as PackageLog allow apartments to turn package delivery into a powerful amenity that residents value. This new level of communication, mixed with your acceptance of package delivery, makes your apartment community the lead candidate for future apartment shoppers.

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