What Signs Are You Showing Your Customers

By: Shad Bookout

Sign 1Signs are all around us. In just the short drive to the grocery store, you encounter hundreds of different signs. Roads signs, street names, billboards and monument signs that mark neighborhoods, apartments, and businesses. These – along with other signs – all mass together to create a non-stop onslaught of information for your eyes. This world of signs carries over into our business lives as well. Some signs are more obvious and some are more subtle, but all of them combine to create the messages that our customers see during their time with us.

Our Business World of Signs

sign 2As customers enter your business, the signs from you to them are already letting them create the first impression of what the customer experience is going to be like. Of course they will encounter the threshold signage such as “Open”, “Closed”, “Do Not Enter” and “Use Other Door Only”. But another sign is the look of your building’s exterior and entryway. If there is a lot of trash or if it looks unkempt, the initial impression – even at a subconscious level – is already negative.  These signs continue as your customer enters your business. Are they warmly greeted? Is where they need to go or what they are looking for clearly marked? These elements signal to your customers that you care about your business and that you care that they are taking time out of their busy day to come in.

Signs about Your Co-Workers and Teams

The signs you are providing to your customers do not end once they enter your business. Customers are always paying attention and will observe many things that you may (or may not) be happy that they are seeing. Of course, they will notice things such as bathroom and break room signs as well as labels that demonstrate that you recycle. Even something as simple as your business card is a sign that can be used to enhance or obstruct the customer experience.  But the most significant symbols your customers will notice come directly from you and your team.

The Most Subtle of Signs

sign 3In your business, the majority of signs you give to your customer are not printed or posted. Your interactions with them create a variety of signs about who you are, the quality of your business and what they should expect. A messy desk piled with papers and files creates an impression that you are overwhelmed and may not be able to handle the additional patronage they are willing to provide. If the phones are ringing off the hook with no one answering them, or if phone calls are monopolizing your time while the customer is being ignored, that creates a sign that all customers are not treated equally. It also creates an image that there is not enough staff to help in the event that you need assistance. Likewise, a lot of personal chatter at the front desks can reveal an unprofessional environment. And imagine the message a customer gets when they see the boss or an employee flipping their lid in front of everyone.  All of these little signs can add up to let a customer know how much care they will receive.

Communication is the Key

sign 4The final message or sign that customers receive is the communication and follow-up you provide directly to them. Is your messaging after they leave something that is meaningful, or is it a hassle in their lives? Is the message is generic and not addressed directly to them?  When you speak to customers using the methods that they prefer, it impacts their impression of you long after they leave your office.

That is why PackageLog® has a complete messaging suite that allows you to customize what your customer sees. Send custom, personalized email and text messages to your customers, even when there is no need to provide a package notification. Other such messaging systems often cost hundreds of dollars per month and limit the amount of messages that you are able to send. But PackageLog® is different. Send messages one-to-one or across your entire customer list with no added fees. You also get the added benefits of automated package notifications and so much more. That level of communication gives your customers a clear sign that you are there to help their needs every step of the way.

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