Communicate Effectively in the new Global Marketplace

By: Christine Blank

globe 1We live in an era in which business is a global marketplace. In the 60s and 70s, your neighborhood was your marketplace. In the 80s and 90s, it may have been your region or your city that was the marketplace. Once email became the preferred method of communication, the national scale was where your business could be most effective. Now, we live in a new age, thanks to the evolution of technology and the globalization of business. The world has gotten much smaller – in a good way.

Now, we can communicate with our business partners and customers who may be based anywhere in the world. Because of the rapid growth of mobile devices – including smartphones and tablets – along with email and text messaging, we are truly all connected.  We live in a hyper-connected world in which, by 2020, there will be 50 billion networked devices.

Already, there are nearly seven billion mobile phone subscriptions globally, or one for every person on Earth. Global smartphone sales soared 18 percent in 2014, led by big emerging markets such as China, India and Indonesia. Plus, mobile Internet penetration worldwide doubled from 18 percent in 2011 to 36 percent in 2014. By 2017, mobile will account for almost 60 percent of all spending on Internet access globally, according to BCG Perspectives.

As a result of increased communication methods and distribution, many companies now are multi-national, or are looking to expand to other countries. Because many of your business’s customers may be in a different region or country, the ability to communicate effectively with them will only help grow your customer relationships – and your profits.

globe 3As a parallel to this, package shipping is become a global affair. People can now easily jump on thie smart phone or tabley, log into Amazon (or another online retailer) and have the thing they want delivered to them in a matter of a few days and even a few hours in some cities. What used to take weeks for a delivery to arrive now can be to your office or mail room before you have left the office to return home.

The combination of SMS technology and package delivery is also bringing the cutting edge technology into the hands of the individuals who ensure that your package successfully makes it into your hands, no matter where you live on the planet. For example, Logware’s email and SMS service is now available in 146 countries. That means whether you receive packages for people in North or South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, or anywhere else, you can send instantaneous alters to the intended recipient when their package arrives to your desk.

globe 4Logware is advancing as technology and shipping advances. For example, Amazon can ship anywhere in the U.S. within two days via its Prime Service. It even delivers packages in one hour to customers in certain cities for a small fee. Amazon also offers its services in hundreds of countries around the world. And that is just one example. Most online retailers and shippers are now global and can deliver almost anywhere on the planet. Shouldn’t your business keep up with these major industry players?

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