Not to Worry…Your Stuff has Reservations

By: Shad Bookout

reservvations 1It has happened to most of us at some point. You had great plans. But it seems that someone else had the same plans you did. Maybe each of you had plans to rent the party room. Or maybe each of you had reserved freight elevator space at the same time. Whatever your reservation situation was, it has been mishandled by the person who took it. It is a situation that that repeats itself across the world in all walks of life.

Of course the scenario is just as prone to afflict people in your office as well. They may need to borrow electronics, files, equipment, office supplies, or anything else. If those items are in limited supply, it is important that the loan of each is properly scheduled to prevent overlap. It is also important to be able to successfully track who has the items, the condition of these things, and to remind the borrower when they are due back. Reservations lead to borrowing which leads to an eventual return.

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Office staff, apartment residents, students, and any number of others want (and often need) to borrow a variety of things. You want (and definitely need) to make sure the items you loan are ready for the borrower and properly returned. Your budget does not allow for an expensive digital solution and the “old-school” methods of pen and paper (sometime sticky notes) are just is not getting the job done. In a modern high-tech world, it is time for a modern high-tech solution.

Enter TrackitLog™, the all-in-one digital solution to track anything that you loan to anyone. The cloud-based system works on any device connected to the internet, including smart phones and tablets. It features an intuitive portal that allows you to “check out” anything to anyone in a matter of seconds. In addition, you can notate the condition of item(s) being loaned and returned as part of the process. Once the item(s) has been “checked out”, the TrackitLog™ system will send an automatic reminder email and text prior to the time the item(s) is due to be returned. ensuring that the borrower does not forget to bring it back.

reservvations 3Now, you can also pre-schedule item(s) thanks to the new reservation feature of TrackitLog™:

– Schedule anything as a reservation for anytime in the future.

– Make multiple reservations for anything – the system will check for conflicts.

– sends out reservation confirmation email at the time of reservation.

– sends out check out email confirmation

– Auto-cancels a reservation if asset is not turned in on-time and notifies management that this reservation was cancelled, so they can make other arrangements.

– reserve anything from parking spaces to amenities to equipment to anyone.

– all reserved assets will show all associated reservations in the queue

– All reservations are listed by date and time on the reservation screen for easy availability reference.

Oh, and did we mention the best part? The majority of our subscribers spend less than $50 a month, which also makes TrackitLog™ extremely budget-friendly.

To schedule a free online demo of TrackitLog™ hosted by our team and receive a two-week complimentary test of the system, click here.